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Integrates data, answers questions, connects platforms.
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MindfulDataAI - ChatGPT for business is an AI tool that offers ChatGPT capabilities specifically designed for businesses. It allows users to enhance their productivity by connecting to various data sources and controlling access permissions.

With ChatGPT, users can ask questions about their data, and the tool provides answers along with relevant documentation links. In case no relevant information is found within the data sources, ChatGPT can also search the web for answers.

MindfulDataAI offers a ChatGPT Plugin available in the OpenAI Plugin Store, enabling seamless integration with other applications. The tool ensures secure integrations with popular platforms such as Salesforce, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Slack, ServiceNow, Zendesk, GitHub, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Okta, Auth0, Discord, Confluence, SAP, and Workday.

This allows businesses to leverage their existing systems while benefiting from the capabilities of ChatGPT.For enterprise users, MindfulDataAI provides everything needed to run ChatGPT in a business environment.

It emphasizes security and compliance, including automatic synchronization of data changes, data privacy without using customer data to retrain ChatGPT, and support for single sign-on (SSO) with existing identity providers.

The tool is SOC2 compliant, meeting the necessary standards for data security and privacy.Given the range of industries benefiting from ChatGPT, including office administration, legal, architecture, engineering, sciences, business operations, community services, management, sales, computing, and agriculture, MindfulDataAI offers a versatile solution applicable across different sectors.

Users can sign up for the beta version of the tool to experience its features firsthand.


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Pros and Cons


Data-driven decision-making
Enhances productivity
Connects to various data sources
Controls access permissions
Provides relevant documentation links
Web search capabilities
Secure integration with popular platforms
Supports Salesforce, Google Drive, OneDrive
Supports Slack, ServiceNow, Zendesk
Supports GitHub, Jira, Teams
Supports Okta, Auth0, Discord
Supports Confluence, SAP, Workday
Optimized for business use
Emphasizes security and compliance
Automatic data synchronization
Preserves data privacy
Doesn't use customer data for retraining
Supports single sign-on (SSO)
SOC2 compliant
Versatile across different sectors
Office, Legal, Architecture use cases
Engineering, Science, Business use cases
Community, sales, computing use cases
Agriculture use case
Beta version available


In Beta testing stage
Dependent on external data sources
Requires many third-party integrations
Possibly complex permission controls
Specific platform plugins limited
Doesn't mention multilingual support
No mentioned cross-platform compatibility
Unknown responsiveness of web search
Potential unknown bugs
Reliability dependent on data sync


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