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Generated marketing prompts for solo entrepreneurs.
Generated by ChatGPT

Marketing Mega-Prompts for ChatGPT is a collection of 40 hand-crafted marketing prompts designed for solopreneurs. This AI tool helps generate marketing strategies, improve landing pages, and create better content in seconds, with the goal of saving entrepreneurs time and effort in their marketing efforts.

The prompts cover a range of topics, including defining marketing strategies and funnels, brainstorming ideas, getting feedback, and outsourcing tasks.

Created by MakerBox, a company that specializes in creating marketing resources for entrepreneurs, these prompts are based on best practices for solo entrepreneurs.

The tool's AI functionality allows for personalized and efficient prompts that provide smart segmentation, organic promotion, and unconventional ideas, resulting in real-world use cases and saving over 10 hours per month.

Unlike free ChatGPT prompts, which may not be useful due to lack of personalization and irrelevant content, Marketing Mega-Prompts offers exceptional and useful prompts.

The tool is available through a monthly subscription and comes with monthly updates and access to a coach for solopreneurs, who can help review marketing copy, provide feedback and roasted, and talk with target audience persona avatars without having to talk to anyone.

With Marketing Mega-Prompts, ChatGPT acts as a co-pilot for entrepreneurs, doing the hard work for them so they can save time while achieving their marketing objectives.


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Jun 5, 2023
It seems very interesting but having at least one concrete example or demo could convince me buying this service.

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Pros and Cons


40 hand-crafted prompts
Smart segmentation
Improves landing pages
Covers range of topics
Based on best practices
Saves 10+ hours/month
Has unique marketing strategies
Updated monthly
Access to a coach
ChatGPT acts as co-pilot
Allows for personalized prompts
Efficient prompts
Prompts lead to unconventional ideas
Improves marketing copy
Helps talk with target audience
Ideal for solo entrepreneurs
Promotes organic promotion
Exceptional and useful prompts
Uses relevant content
Provides real-world use cases
Improves marketing strategy
Offers brainstorming ideas
Provides feedback
Outsources marketing tasks
Enhances content creation
Increases organic promotion
Builds viral potential
Prompts for target persona avatars
Comes with monthly subscription
Gets marketing copy reviewed
Offers idea roasting
Write cold email templates
Generates questions for customer interviews
Defines landing page structure
Creates in-depth content plans
Kick-starts marketing tasks
Promotes unconventional ideas
Improves storytelling arch
Generates catchy product names
Increases task efficiency


Only 40 Prompts
Limited to Entrepreneurs
Limited to Marketing Contexts
Depends on ChatGPT
Not Free
May need ChatGPT subscription
Only monthly updates
Does not create content
Not versatile for various industries


What is MakerBox Marketing Mega-Prompts for ChatGPT?
How can the prompts help generate marketing strategies?
Is it possible to improve landing pages with this tool?
How do these prompts save time and effort in marketing?
What does the subscription for Marketing Mega-Prompts include?
How does personalized AI functionality in this tool differ from free prompts?
What time savings can I expect using Marketing Mega-Prompts?
What do the prompts cover in terms of topics?
What makes these prompts different from the free ChatGPT prompts?
Can I access a coach for solopreneurs with the subscription?
How does ChatGPT act as a co-pilot with this tool?
What do the updates to this tool include?
How can the prompts from this tool provide smart segmentation?
How do the prompts generate organic promotion?
What kind of unconventional ideas can this tool provide?
How are the prompts with this tool relevant for real-world use cases?
What are some examples of the marketing tasks this tool can perform?
What does the icon for 'Define your marketing strategy' include in terms of tasks?
How can MakerBox Marketing Mega-Prompts for ChatGPT help improve marketing for solopreneurs?
Can I use this tool across platforms?


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