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User-friendly Q&A with automated responses.
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AutoQueryGPT is a user-friendly platform that allows users to ask questions to the AI chatbot, ChatGPT, and receive automated responses. The purpose of this tool is to save users time and enhance their performance.

Users must have their API key to use AutoQueryGPT. With the Query Block feature, users can create question blocks and send multiple questions to ChatGPT at once.

Alternatively, the Query Excel feature enables users to upload an Excel file or copy and paste the Excel table to ask questions, making it easier to access large amounts of data.

Both features allow users to save answers as files in different formats, such as Excel, Word, Txt, and Json. Users can easily access the saved answers later and manage their operations more efficiently.

AutoQueryGPT also provides users with the option to save their API key locally, though the tool does not store or share users API keys with anyone. All queries made through the platform are kept confidential and never shared.

Overall, AutoQueryGPT provides an efficient and effective way for users to ask questions to ChatGPT and receive automated responses without wasting time.


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AutoQuery was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


User-friendly platform
Automated responses
Saves user time
Enhances user performance
Requires API key
Multiple Questions Query Block feature
Easy access to large data
Save answers in various formats
Easy access to saved answers
Enhanced operations management
Option to save API key locally
Strict API key privacy
Confidential query system
Efficient Q&A tool
Query Excel feature
Easy Data Management
Effective ChatGPT usage
Faster operations management
AiToolHeaven selection
Excel, Word, Txt, Json formats
Facilitating automated responses
Query block for multiple questions


Requires API key
Limited to one query
Cannot store API key
Lack functionality for multi-threading
No mobile app
No data export options
Limited file formats
No real-time collaboration
No integrated analytics
Lacks documentation/support resources


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