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Assisted daily task extension.
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Checkget is an AI-powered browser extension that serves as a smart assistant for everyday tasks. When installed, users can access Checkget from any website by pressing ⌘+K (Mac) / Alt+K (Windows) for quick access and time-saving.

With ChatGPT's AI capabilities, Checkget can automatically recognize different scenarios, from replying to an email to explaining code. Users can select text and let Checkget summarize, translate, fix grammatical errors, make text longer or shorter, and even change the tone of voice.

Checkget also comes with a dark mode, which is easier on the eyes, and it encrypts everything sent to maintain privacy and security. Users can use the local mode to communicate directly with ChatGPT and set an ApiKey, allowing for extra privacy.

Checkget is available as an browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere. Overall, Checkget is a versatile tool that uses AI technology to help users complete everyday tasks with ease, making it a valuable addition to any web browsing experience.


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Checkget was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Available on any website
Quick access with keyboard shortcuts
Recognizes different scenarios
Email response automation
Text summarization feature
Translation feature
Grammar correction
Text length modification
Tone of voice modification
Dark mode available
Data encryption for security
Local mode for privacy
Customizable through ApiKey
Available for Google Chrome
Available for Microsoft Edge
Data stays between user and ChatGPT
Direct communication with ChatGPT
Information retrieval capability
Text rephrasing functionality
Accessible to all users


Only for Chrome and Edge
Requires specific key commands
Potential language translation errors
Dependent on ChatGPT efficiency
Incorrect grammar fix possible
Text length adjustment limitations
Tone of voice inaccuracies
Inability to support other extensions
Limited to desktop browsing
Potential privacy risks, despite encryption


What is Checkget?
How does Checkget use ChatGPT's AI capabilities?
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How is Checkget accessed from websites?
Can Checkget help me reply to emails?
What different scenarios can Checkget recognize?
How can Checkget improve my writing?
How can I use Checkget to translate text?
What is the purpose of the dark mode in Checkget?
How does Checkget maintain privacy and security?
Can I use Checkget in local mode for additional privacy?
How can I set an ApiKey with Checkget?
Is Checkget an extension for all web browsers?
How do I add Checkget to Google Chrome?
How do I add Checkget to Microsoft Edge?
Can Checkget make text longer or shorter?
Can Checkget rephrase text?
Can Checkget change the tone of voice in text?
What do I need to use Checkget anytime, anywhere?
Do I need to copy and paste text to use Checkget?

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