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Chatbot automates language in Slack.
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Slack GPT is an AI tool that is built natively in Slack to bring the power of generative AI into the platform. It aims to help individuals and organizations work smarter, learn faster, and communicate better.

Slack GPT provides an AI-ready platform that allows users to integrate and automate their language model of choice, including partner-built apps like OpenAI's ChatGPT or Anthropic's Claude, or custom-built integrations.

It also includes AI features built directly in Slack, such as AI-powered conversation summaries and writing assistance. Additionally, Slack GPT features a new Einstein GPT app that allows users to surface AI-powered customer insights from trusted Salesforce Customer 360 data and Data Cloud.

Slack GPT is built on a foundation of trust, ensuring that users know what data is being used and that the outputs are relevant to their business. With the newly available next-generation platform for developers, it is also easy to build custom integrations with a range of AI models.

Slack GPT allows for flexibility in how users choose to integrate AI into their workflows, whether through clicks, code, or a combination of both. The tool promises to redefine how work is done and to enable AI to act on valuable data from a company's most trusted resource- its own internal knowledge.


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Slack GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Native build in Slack
Supports different language models
Integrates with partner-built apps
Einstein GPT app included
Access to Salesforce Customer 360 data
Access to Data Cloud
Trust foundation for data usage
Relevant output to business
Next-generation platform for developers
Allows custom integrations
Actions on company's internal data
Anthropic's Claude integration
Conversation summaries feature
Writing assistance feature
Workflow Builder no-code automation
Integration of CRM data
Service Cloud app integration
Einstein GPT auto-generate case summaries
Case summaries from Service Cloud
Case summaries from Slack channel
User privacy and control protections
Features pilot before broad rollout


Requires Slack ecosystem
Customization requires development skills
Reliance on partner-built apps
Data privacy concerns
Dependent on Salesforce Customer 360 data
Lack of standalone functionality
Could have user adoption issues
Potential information overload
Integration compatibility issues
Limited non-English language support


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How does Slack GPT ensure the relevance of the output to my business?
How can I trust the data being used in Slack GPT?
Can I build my own custom integrations in Slack GPT?
What kind of flexibility does Slack GPT offer in integrating AI into my workflows?
How does Slack GPT redefine how work is done?
How can I be sure that the data being acted upon by the AI is relevant to my company?
How does Slack GPT help me work smarter and communicate better?
What is this next-generation platform for developers in Slack GPT?
Is there an AI-powered writing assistance in Slack GPT?
How can Slack GPT benefit my organization's communication?
How does Slack GPT handle conversation summaries?
What is this new Slack GPT app from Salesforce?
What data can the Einstein GPT app in Slack GPT access?
How can I integrate my AI language model of choice into Slack GPT?
Can Slack GPT really act on my company's internal knowledge?


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