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Seamlessly access workplace search and enhance collaboration.
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Albus is an AI-powered tool designed to optimize workplace search and enhance collaboration. Equipped with one-click integrations for various CRMs, ticketing apps, knowledge management tools, HRIS, and helpdesk solutions.

This tool serves as an intelligent assistant, providing quick and accurate responses to your queries. Albus is designed to analyze all connected sources when a question is asked, answering it without the need for switching between various apps.

This tool is fundamentally a bridge that streamlines communication between multiple apps, delivering one unified portal for all relevant workplace information to enhance productivity and efficiency.Albus is not limited to one platform; it also functions with Slack and Microsoft Teams, allowing easy accessibility for team members.

It also has a Chrome extension, making it a handy assistant for web browsing and rapid source of answers. Whether it's sales reps needing access to enablement content and prospect profiles, or employee helpdesks looking for company policies and benefits information, Albus offers a solution.

With optimal security measures in place, including SOC-2 Type II and ISO 27001 & 27701 certifications, Albus ensures the information it handles is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.


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Sep 29, 2023
Absolutely love this product! It helps me be more productive, the best part is that it's right inside Slack.

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Pros and Cons


Works in Slack & MS Teams
7-day free trial
Subscriptions available
Generates personalized responses
Creates visual and marketing content
Analyzes market trends
Generates reports and presentations
Answers common product questions
Generates strategic ideas
Creates social media posts
One-click integrations
CRM, HRIS, helpdesk integrations
Doesn't require app switching
Bridge between multiple apps
Functions on Slack, MS Teams
Has a Chrome extension
Provides security measures
SOC-2 Type II certified
ISO 27001 & 27701 certified
Encrypts handled data
Optimizes workplace search
Enhances collaboration
Serves as intelligent assistant
Streamlines communication
Unifies all workplace information
Accessible for all team members
Rapid source for answers
Helps sales reps access content
Assists employee helpdesks
Handles encrypted data
Doesn't share data with others
Requires no specific data formatting
Helps customer support teams
Helps sales teams
Used by 400+ organizations
Saves time for 11,280+ employees
Answers 2,50,000+ questions


Limited to Slack & MS Teams
No standalone, browser-based version
Data accuracy dependent on source
Potentially inaccurate content generation
Limited to English inputs
No specific data formatting correction
Queries limited to linked sources
Requires secure, high-speed internet connection


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Who developed Albus and what other products do they offer?
What integration partners does Albus have?
What security measures are in place to protect my data in Albus?
Does Albus work with Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer?
Does Albus offer a free trial?
Can I use Albus without a credit card?
What certifications does Albus have to ensure data security?
What benefits does Albus bring to a sales team?
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What tools does Albus provide to help analyze company data?
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