Sidekick by Jigso
Chatbot answering app queries using natural language.

Generated by ChatGPT
Sidekick is an AI-powered Slackbot that serves as your personal business assistant.
With Sidekick, you can ask questions in natural language to your organizational apps, track important topics, set reminders, query documents, and summarize conversations and direct messages in Slack.

Additionally, you get free access to ChatGPT 4.0 directly from your Slack, which helps you generate content such as emails, playbooks, templates, articles, and posts.
Sidekick by Jigso was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 2nd 2023.
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Rob Hopper
· Aug 30, 2023
Extremely useful for work.
یک شغل خوب بهم معرفی کنو
Edward Frye
· Aug 17, 2023
free....yes. free, its incredible. more importantly.....FREE.
vardit legali
· May 30, 2023
This tool has revolutionized my work methods entirely. The ability to swiftly obtain responses from my business applications without the need to switch between multiple platforms has greatly saved me time and alleviated my frustration. Additionally, the user-friendly features for monitoring data and receiving event notifications ensure that I am always well-prepared and never overlook crucial deadlines or opportunities. I am immensely grateful to Sidekick for enhancing my productivity and efficiency.
Shimon Magal
· May 30, 2023
Jigso integrates beautifully with our Slack account and has made my work that much more efficient. I can summarize channels, documents, and my HubSpot. I would recommend it to anyone.
Amit Lavi
· May 18, 2023
Amazing integration on slack. I especially love the summarizing a slack channel conversation feature, not to mention AI writing posts for me :-)

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Pros and Cons


Answers app queries
Uses natural language
Reduces information search time
Cuts through notification noise
Eases command remembrance
Integrates with Slack
Streamlines workflow
Improves productivity
Efficient information access
No keyword memorization
No specific syntax needed


Only integrates with Slack
Dependent on natural language quality
Possible privacy concerns
Requires permissions for all apps
Requires continuous updates for compatibility
May not account for app-specific terminology
Limited customer support channels
Reliant on quality of third-party integrations
Potential information overload
Corp website lacks detailed information


What is Jigso's Sidekick?
How does Sidekick integrate with Slack?
What is natural language processing in Jigso's Sidekick?
How does Sidekick help improve productivity?
Can Sidekick reduce time spent searching for information across apps?
What kind of questions can I ask Sidekick?
Does Sidekick understand human language?
Do I need to use specific keywords or syntax to interact with Sidekick?
How can Sidekick streamline my workflow?
Is Sidekick suitable for team use?
Which apps can Sidekick search across?
Can Sidekick work with multiple apps simultaneously?
Is there a limit to the number of queries I can make with Sidekick?
Does Sidekick integrate with other communication tools apart from Slack?
How is Sidekick different from other chatbots?
What is the 'noise of notifications' that Sidekick helps to cut through?
Is there any special requirement to start using Sidekick in my company?
How does Sidekick handle data privacy and security?
Who should use Jigso's Sidekick?
Where can I get support if I have issues using Sidekick?

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