Slack 26 Jan 2023
Aided product users via conversational support.

Generated by ChatGPT

Alltius is an AI-driven platform for conversational assistance in software products, primarily to help and guide users in their product journeys. It provides a Slack assistant for any question and a low code help widget with KNO.

KNO also includes an in-product guide and companion, and an enterprise documentation search. It is trained on OpenAI's GPT3 model which includes 800GB of information, and users can also prioritize knowledge from specific sources.

KNO also securely stores the questions asked, ensuring user privacy. It is free to use and users can install it on Slack in three steps. It also has a 50% month on month user growth and 86%+ returning users asking at least one query.

It has been positively received by customers and has the potential to become the next Gong, better than Google. It can also be trained on specific topics and users can test it at will.

It is built by a team of engineers, data scientists and designers.


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