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Automate data mappings with AI.
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Lume AI is an AI-powered tool designed to automate data mappings, aimed at significantly reducing the time spent on wrangling data. It enables the creation and management of data pipelines with a greater speed, using AI to quickly perform data mapping tasks.

It offers an application programming interface (API) which allows users to unlock the full potential of their data. Lume Platform further provides users with visibility over data pipelines and mappings, allowing them to review, edit, and deploy data mappers in a matter of seconds.

An additional feature, the IntegrAI Platform, automates build, test, and deployment workflow in a simple and secure manner. Lume AI also provides a mobile version that allows users to manage their AI integrations on the go.

Specific functions of the tool include scaling data ingestion, normalizing legacy data, rapidly building data pipelines, automatically maintaining mappers, solving data complexities with AI, and saving and deploying mappers for future use.

Lume AI ensures security as a top priority and is SOC2 Type-1 Certified with Type-2 monitoring commenced.


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Lume AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates data mappings
Rapid data pipeline creation
Efficient data wrangling
Offers comprehensive API
Enhanced visibility over pipelines
Allows data mapping review
Supports mapper deployment
Build, test, deploy integration
Secure platform
Mobile version available
Scales data ingestion
Normalizes legacy data
Automatically maintains mappers
Solves data complexities
Data mapper preservation
SOC2 Type-1 Certified
Type-2 Monitoring
Unlock full data potential
Save and deploy mappers
Immediate pipeline building
Seamless data mapping
Supports deterministic mapping
Visibility over data mappings
Secure CI/CD deployment
Works with diverse models
Improve data ingestion speed
Handles unique data forms
Adaptable data transformations
Confident future data mapping


Not open-source
No stated multi-language support
Legacy data normalization issues
Doesn't specify data storage limits
Unclear data format flexibility
Dependence on connectivity for mobile
Unclear real-time data handling
Possibly steep learning curve
Not specified integration capabilities
No explicit mention of scalability


What is Lume AI?
How does Lume AI automate data mappings?
What is the purpose of the application programming interface (API) in Lume AI?
How can I use Lume AI to quickly create and manage data pipelines?
How does the Lume Platform provide visibility over data pipelines and mappings?
What is the role of the IntegrAI Platform in Lume AI?
Is there a mobile version of Lume AI?
How can Lume AI help to scale data ingestion?
What does it mean to normalize legacy data in Lume AI?
How does Lume AI automatically maintain mappers?
How does Lume AI help solve data complexities with AI?
How can I save and deploy mappers for future use in Lume AI?
What security measures does Lume AI have in place?
What is the significance of Lume AI's SOC2 Type-1 Certification?
How does Lume AI assist with data integration?
How can users access and manage their AI integrations using Lume AI?
What type of data can Lume AI ingest?
How do I use Lume AI to build data pipelines?
What's the process to review, edit, and deploy data mappers using Lume AI?
Can I integrate Lume AI into my existing systems?

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