Maps 24 Jul 2019
Quickly and precisely map using satellite imagery.

Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered mapping tool that combines OpenStreetMap and artificial intelligence (AI) to create a faster and more accurate mapping experience.

AI is used to predict features from high-resolution satellite imagery, which are then populated in the RapiD map editing tool. With this tool, users can quickly and easily map roads and other features from satellite imagery.

AI-assisted road hovering and tag-cycling allow for a more efficient mapping experience. The RapiD editor also has built-in integrity checks to ensure quality assurance on newly added and modified roads. has been used in various humanitarian efforts around the world, such as the Kerala disaster response in India and training workshops in Thailand and Tanzania.

With its combination of AI and OpenStreetMap, is an invaluable tool for mapping the world.

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Pros and Cons


Quickly maps using satellite imagery
Tag-cycling feature
Built-in integrity checks
Applied in humanitarian efforts
Integrated with OpenStreetMap
RapiD map editing tool
Produces predicted features
Handles predicted features mapping
Identifies possible unmapped roads
Enables editing of predicted features
Checks quality of new roads
Aids in disaster response mapping
Community training workshops
OpenStreetMap account integration
Humanitarian community involvement
Utilizes Maxar satellite imagery
Maps using Esri data sets


Requires OpenStreetMap account
No offline functionality
Limited to satellite imagery
No 3D mapping
Uncertain real-time updates
No multi-language support
Dependent on global-scale efforts
Requires manual tag-cycling
Limited community involvement


What is
How does use AI to enhance mapping?
What is the RapiD map editing tool in
How does identify roads and other features from satellite imagery?
What is AI-assisted road hovering in
How does ensure quality assurance of roads?
Can I use for humanitarian mapping efforts?
How does use OpenStreetMap?
Can predict features from high-resolution satellite imagery?
What is the function of the RapiD editor in
How does AI assist in map editing in
What is the tag-cycling feature in
How does detect and correct quality issues?
How do I start mapping with
Can I use to map unmapped and missing roads?
How has been used in disaster response?
Does offer any training workshops?
Can convert pixels of satellite map data into predicted features?
What are the benefits of using AI for mapping in
Is linked to any social cause or community service?

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