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Website structure and SEO visual sitemap generation.
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The Free Visual Sitemap Generator from URL & XML Sitemap Creator is an online tool that allows users to generate visual sitemaps for their websites. The tool uses meta tags to crawl the website from a given URL and creates a visual representation of the site's structure.

It also provides the option to generate XML sitemaps for WordPress and Blogger, which can be submitted to search engines like Google.Users can adjust the priority and frequency of updates for the XML sitemaps to improve search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

The tool includes a sitemap crawler to help identify and optimize site maps effectively.The AI Website Builder feature is included as part of the tool's capabilities.

It generates the initial visual structure of a website based on a user's description. The AI generates the structure, which users can then modify manually or regenerate with the AI's assistance.The tool is offered for free without any limits or sign-up requirements.

However, it's essential to recognize that the AI-generated structures may not always provide accurate information or advice. Users should double-check the facts before relying solely on the AI's output.Additional features include an interactive flow with drag-and-drop functionality for organizing page content, color-coded content blocks for easy navigation, low fidelity wireframes for visualizing page layouts, and the ability to export sitemaps to PDF, PNG, TXT, and XML formats.

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