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Asekio is an AI-powered website builder, designed to allow users to swiftly generate unique websites. It employs AI-assistance to provide functional designs, text, imagery, and SEO-optimization.

Users do not require experience with web design, as the AI develops a website layout, structure and content, and no coding knowledge is necessary, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Additionally, Asekio hosts unique feature of a mobile editor, enabling capabilities to build and manage websites directly from a mobile device. Websites created with Asekio are hosted on EU-based servers, ensuring user data safety with a privacy-first approach.

Asekio comes with different pricing models, offering options such as custom domain name, hosting, contact forms, and potential to embed external content.

There are also tailor-made options for agency and enterprise needs, including advanced AI and enterprise features.

Asekio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Functional Design Generation
Automatic Text Creation
Built-in SEO optimization
No Web-Design Experience Needed
No Coding Knowledge Needed
Mobile Device Website Management
EU-Based Server Hosting
Emphasizes Data Privacy
Custom Domain Name Options
Hosting Services Included
Contact Form Inclusion
Embed External Content Feature
Tailored Agency Services
Swift Website Generation
Mobile-First Editing Suite
Multiple Pages Support
Enterprise Billing & Reselling
Automatic Layout Generation
Multiple Pricing Models
Agency & Enterprise Packages
User Friendly Interface
Fully Mobile Friendly
Customizable Design Options
Automatic SEO-Optimised Content


EU-based servers only
No explicit accessibility features
Limited customization options
No data management features
Mobile-first design limitations
No design templates choice
No trial for premium features
No multi-interface support
Requires constant internet connection


What is Asekio?
How does the AI-assistance work in Asekio?
Do I need any experience in web design to use Asekio?
What does it mean when you say 'no coding knowledge is necessary'?
Can I use Asekio on my mobile device?
Where are Asekio-served websites hosted?
What does Asekio's privacy-first approach entail?
What different pricing options does Asekio offer?
Can I get a custom domain name for my Asekio website?
How easily can I embed external content with Asekio?
Are there options for agencies and large enterprises?
Can I use Asekio's AI features for more than just website building?
How long does it take to build a website with Asekio?
What is the mobile editor feature in Asekio?
Why does Asekio claim to have AI-powered Editor?
Does Asekio offer a free trial?
What are the benefits of an AI-assisted workflow with Asekio?
Does Asekio optimize my website for search engines?
Which features are included in the monthly and yearly pricing options?
What are the specific enterprise features Asekio provides?

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