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AI-powered websites, ready in an instant.
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LaUNCHED is an AI-powered tool designed to generate professional, customizable websites in minutes. Aimed at providing a hassle-free experience, the tool can generate a full website complete with text and images within a short span.

If the user is unsatisfied with the initial design, they can regenerate it with a simple click, customizing it further to their liking. With its easy-to-use editor, users can alter text, swap out images, adjust layouts, and more, without any technical skills required.

Apart from generating basic website pages, LaUNCHED enables users to add more dynamic pages such as blog, videos, retail shop, and more. To cater to the branding needs of its users, it supports the connection of a custom domain name to the generated websites.

In addition, it prioritizes mobile-first designs, ensuring that the generated websites are both desktop and mobile friendly. User support is provided via email.

The tool also offers a 30-day full access free trial and a premium paid plan with added benefits like free custom domain, website hosting, dedicated support, SEO optimization, and access to future enhancements.

LaUNCHED was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 28th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates full websites instantly
Regeneration feature for designs
Easy-to-use website editor
No technical skills needed
Enables adding dynamic pages
Supports custom domain connection
Mobile-first web design
Via email user support
30-day full access trial
Premium plan benefits
SEO Optimization
Free custom domain included
Website hosting included
Access to future enhancements
Text and images generation
Hosting included at no extra cost
Call To Action incorporation
Newsletter Form feature
Options for replacing images
Able to modify text
Optional additional pages
SEO-optimized text generations
Images from Unsplash used
Website ready under 3 minutes
Allows for video additions
Enables adding blogs
Retail shop addition option
Customer support priority
Customizable website design
Choice of industry for website
Choice of location, font, button color
Mobile-responsive websites
Customizable design, layout, colors, fonts
Image Links feature
Download Page feature
Subscriptions feature
Remove branding option
11% off on yearly plan


Limited customizability options
Only email support
Branding removed only in premium
No direct customer service line
Email support only for premium
No live chat assistance
Single user interface
Limited dynamic page options
No multi-language support
Editing requires regeneration


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How does LaUNCHED support user branding?
What is the mobile compatibility of the websites generated by LaUNCHED?
What kind of user support does LaUNCHED provide?
Does LaUNCHED offer a free trial?
What added benefits does the premium plan of LaUNCHED offer?
How does LaUNCHED cater to SEO optimization?
How can I start generating a website with LaUNCHED?
Can I regenerate my website design if I am not satisfied with the initial one?
Does LaUNCHED allow for addition of dynamic pages like blogs, videos and retail shop?
Can I connect a custom domain name to my website generated through LaUNCHED?
Is my LaUNCHED website desktop and mobile friendly?
How does LaUNCHED prioritize mobile-first design?
How can I alter text and swap out images on my website with LaUNCHED?
What technical skills are required to use LaUNCHED?
Is website hosting included in the LaUNCHED plan?

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