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Improves website creation process with assistance.
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The AI-powered Site Builder offered by Relume Library is a tool designed to assist users in creating sitemaps and wireframes quickly and easily. By leveraging artificial intelligence, this tool streamlines the process of building a website, allowing users to export their creations to popular platforms such as Figma and Webflow.With the Site Builder, users can generate production-quality sitemaps and pages with minimal effort.

The tool provides a built-in design system and a library of over 1000 components, eliminating the need for AI-generated templates. Users can prompt, plug, and play with various components, effortlessly customizing their website's structure.One of the key benefits of the Site Builder is its ability to write copy for all pages, enabling users to communicate their message effectively.

Additionally, the tool allows users to switch components, offering infinite variations and ensuring that no website looks the same.The Site Builder is designed exclusively for creating sitemaps and wireframes and integrates seamlessly with other tools, making it easy to copy and paste elements between platforms.

It also syncs with style guides, allowing for quick and broad changes to design.Overall, the AI-powered Site Builder from Relume Library simplifies the process of website creation, enabling users to generate professional-quality websites efficiently and effectively.

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Pros and Cons


Generates production-quality sitemaps
Exports creations to Figma and Webflow
Built-in design system
Library of over 1000 components
Writes copy for all pages
Offers component switch for variations
Seamless integration with other tools
Syncs with style guides
Easily export to Figma and Webflow
Writes perfect copy for sites
Generates professional webpages fast
Facilitates effortless customization
Quick creation of high fidelity websites
Enables broad changes to design
Optional membership plans with access to components
Online community for support
Easy to cancel subscription
Accessible sitemap and wireframe creation
Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge
Courtesy of mobile version designs
Share view-only links
Automated class naming
Syncs with styleguides for quick changes
Accessible in multiple pricing plans
Collaborative community access
Spotlight on community feedback


Limited design flexibility
Only exports to Figma, Webflow
No safari support
Expensive for unlimited use
Limited to 3 projects in Starter plans
Available only in English
Manual style guide sync
Limited components in free version
Shared components count towards total


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Does the Relume Site Builder offer mobile design options as well?
Can I save and re-use created wireframes in different projects?
Can I collaborate and share my site's sitemaps and wireframes with other team members?
Does the Relume Site Builder offer drag-and-drop functionality?
Can I use Relume Site Builder to update an existing website?
What kind of support is offered with the Relume Site Builder?
What is the maximum number of websites I can create with a Relume Site Builder account?
How can I sign up for a free trial of the Relume Site Builder?
Can I cancel my Relume Site Builder subscription at any time?
Are there any discounts available for long-term commitments to Relume Site Builder?
Is there a user community where I can learn more about best practices with Relume Site Builder?
How secure is my data on the Relume Site Builder platform?
Does Relume Site Builder provide any SEO functionality?
What type of websites are best suited for development with Relume Site Builder?


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