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Step-by-step guide for website creation.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Let's start creating your website. What's your niche or keyword?
Sample prompts:
What's your website's niche or keyword?
Choose a title and tagline from these options.
Do you have a specific domain name in mind?
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Web Creator Guide is a GPT that assists in the process of website creation. It provides a step-by-step pathway to design and structure a website, encompassing all critical aspects from brainstorming the niche or keyword to envisioning a suitable domain name.

The GPT also includes functionalities like offering suggestions for appropriate title and tagline options. One distinguishing feature of the tool is its incorporation of processes to design logos using DALL-E, an AI designed for content creation.

Upon onboarding, users receive a warm welcome and are immediately engaged with questions about their website's niche or keyword. This largely sets the tone for the personalised and interactive journey of the user with the GPT.

The tool, with its structured prompts and guidelines, supports users in setting the foundations strongest for their website. However, to access and use the Web Creator Guide GPT, sign-up and inclusion in the ChatGPT Plus program is required.

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