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BySandro Chaviano
Guides in creating webpages without coding.
GPT welcome message: Hi there! Let's make webpage creation easy and fun, no coding needed!
Sample prompts:
How can I create a website with no coding?
What's the easiest way to design a webpage?
Can you suggest a simple tool for website building?
How do I start making a website as a beginner?
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Webpage Wizard is a GPT aimed at making the process of website creation accessible and straightforward, particularly for those with little to no coding knowledge.

The clear focus and purpose of this tool is to offer guidance for web development projects with the utilisation of simple, user-friendly advice. It is uniquely positioned to assist beginners by break down complex tasks involved in designing and building a webpage into manageable and digestible steps.

Not only eliminating the need for coding skills, but it also instills a fun and enjoyable shake to making your own webpage.The GPT interacts with users through bits of guidance and prompts, allowing for an active engagement in the learning process.

Prompt starters such as 'How can I create a website with no coding?', 'What's the easiest way to design a webpage?' or 'Can you suggest a simple tool for website building?' are triggered to bring out the expert advice and direction for various stages and elements of webpage design and construction.

While 'Webpage Wizard' operates atop the ChatGPT platform, it doesn't assume any programming background from its users. Instead of code, it encourages creative and visual thinking in building webpages, thus simplifying the cumbersome task of website creation.

However, note that to fully utilise the features and capabilities of this tool, users are required to sign up for ChatGPT Plus.

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