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Rapid Prototyping with the Power of AI
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Concepto AI is an open-source tool designed for rapid prototyping with the power of AI. Its key function lies in its capability to convert UI designs into usable code automatically, making it extremely resourceful for developers and designers.

Just by drawing the UI in the built-in editor, the tool is able to export it as code, enhancing the prototyping experience. Concepto AI leverages the advanced GPT4-V model to generate code from image inputs, effectively adding an intuitive and effective option in the design-to-code process.

It should also be noted that it respects user privacy and it does not track users or store generation data, assuring a privacy-friendly operating environment.

Its lightweight, speedy and efficient performance can be attributed to its build with Next.JS 14 and Tailwind CSS. The code generated by Concepto AI is compatible with Tailwind CSS, and includes CDN.

One of the distinguishing features of this tool is the flexibility in deployment as it can be self-hosted or cloud-hosted. Users can host the tool on their own server or opt for the cloud-hosted option provided.

This innate flexibility allows users to utilize the tool based on their distinct requirements.


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Concepto AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 1st 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Open-source tool
Rapid prototyping capability
Automatic UI-to-code conversion
Built-in design editor
Code generation from images
GPT4-V model utilization
Privacy-friendly operation
No user tracking
No generation data storing
Built with Next.JS 14
Tailwind CSS integration
Lightweight design
Fast performance
Generates Tailwind CSS compatible code
CDN support
Self-hosting option
Cloud-hosting option
Flexible deployment
Optimization for developers and designers


Depends on Tailwind CSS
Limited to UI prototyping
Requires self-hosting knowledge
Cloud-hosting possibly expensive
Limited editor capabilities
May generate suboptimal code
Compatibility issues with other CSS
No multi-language support
Next.JS 14 might have limitations
Exclusively uses GPT4-V model


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How does Concepto AI contribute to rapid prototyping?
What are the necessary requirements for a server to self-host Concepto AI?
What are the advantages of cloud hosting Concepto AI?
How is code generated from images in Concepto AI?
What kind of code does Concepto AI generate?
How does Concepto AI utilise Next.JS 14 and Tailwind CSS?
Can the usage data in Concepto AI be stored?
Does the code generated by Concepto AI come with CDN support?
What distinguishes Concepto AI from other AI tools?
What are the deployment options for Concepto AI?
How lightweight is the Concepto AI application?
Does Concepto AI track its users' activity?
Is Concepto AI compatible with systems of different languages?


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