Website building 01 Jun 2023
Website building for non-tech users

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Paige is an AI website builder that allows users to create fully customized websites for their businesses quickly and easily. With Paige, users do not need to have any technical, design, or copywriting skills.

The tool generates pixel-perfect websites in just a few seconds, eliminating the need for expert knowledge.The process of creating a website with Paige is simple.

Users only need to describe what they want their website to look like in their own words, without any technical specifications or prototypes. The AI then constructs the website accordingly, complete with professional copywriting, design, and graphics.Paige offers a range of features that make website building effortless.

It provides fast page generation based on a brief overview of the user's business. Users can easily edit text and replace generated images with their own.

The AI assistant allows for complete customization, enabling users to alter elements, blocks, and color schemes. Paige also incorporates best SEO practices to optimize website content for search engines and ensures that websites load quickly across all devices.The AI-generated websites created by Paige rival handcrafted ones and benefit from continuous optimization for superior conversion rates.

Users can trust the reliable hosting provided by Paige free of charge.Overall, Paige simplifies the website creation process, making it accessible to non-technical business owners and saving time and effort while still delivering professional and appealing results.

Paige was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 3rd 2023.
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Beth Ziesenis
· Aug 23, 2023
Easy to use and gives a great first draft. I love that you can try it without creating an account.

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Pros and Cons


Quick custom website generation
No technical skills required
Professional copywriting provided
Easy editing of content
Complete customization features
Built-in SEO optimization
Fast website loading
Mobile & tablet compatibility
Free reliable hosting
Continuous optimization for conversions
Free basic account option
No branding in paid plans
Human support
User Forms & Integrations
Custom Domain for Pro/Premium
Text editing & custom images upload
Variety of color schemes
Additional Blocks and Elements
Integration with Discord
All types of businesses supported


No multi-platform compatibility
Limited customization options
Requires constant Internet connection
No offline mode
Limited third-party integrations
Limited SEO features
No API for developers
Website load speed variates
Limited typography options
No support for e-commerce


What is Paige?
What kind of websites can I create with Paige?
Do I need any technical skills to use Paige?
How quickly can Paige generate a website?
Can I customize the websites created by Paige?
What features do websites created by Paige have?
Can I edit text and replace images on a Paige-generated website?
Does Paige optimize websites for search engines?
Do websites created with Paige load quickly on mobile devices?
What makes Paige's AI generated websites compare favorably to handcrafted ones?
Does Paige offer hosting for the websites created?
Is there any cost associated with using Paige?
Can I ugrade my Paige account for more features?
How does Paige AI assistant enable customization?
What does it mean when you say Paige employs best SEO practices?
Does Paige support fast page loading?
Are the websites created by Paige mobile and tablet friendly?
How does Paige ensure top-notch conversion rates with the AI-generated landing pages?
What does the free plan of Paige include?
What extra features does the premium plan of Paige offer?


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