Website building 2023-03-14
Website Design-to-Dev Conversion Solution.
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Fignel is a tool that seamlessly converts Figma designs into WordPress and Elementor wonders. With Fignel, users can transform their creative designs from Figma into fully functional websites without the need for coding skills.

The tool aims to simplify the process of translating design files into WordPress sites, allowing users to focus on their creative ideas rather than technical implementation.

By eliminating the need for coding, Fignel enables a smooth and efficient workflow from design to development.Users can unlock the potential of their Figma designs by leveraging the features of WordPress and Elementor.

Fignel ensures that the conversion process preserves the design harmony and fidelity of the original Figma files, resulting in visually appealing and user-friendly websites.The tool emphasizes creativity and offers a code-free approach, making it suitable for designers who want to bring their designs to life without getting involved in complex development tasks.

Fignel's integration with WordPress and Elementor allows for easy customization and expansion of website functionality using pre-built templates and widgets.Overall, Fignel provides a user-friendly solution for designers to transform their Figma designs into fully functional WordPress and Elementor websites, without the need for coding expertise.

It simplifies the process of design-to-development conversion, allowing designers to focus on creativity and achieving their desired website outcomes.

Fignel was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 9th 2023.
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