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Builds apps from websites.
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Bappfy is an online app builder that aims to help small businesses convert their website into an app for Android and iOS devices without coding knowledge.

The app builder is available for a one-time payment fee of $9.99 and offers universal templates with user-friendly navigation for any project. Bappfy allows users to create push messages and control statistics without using third-party tools, and it also enables effortless app signing by automatically signing the code after uploading the keys to the user's account.

Additionally, the app builder includes OneSignal API integration, and it offers Android and iOS app creation with one code base system through Flutter Power.

Bappfy is a simple platform that only requires the user to provide the website address to create an application that can be tested before payment. The app builder offers user-friendly navigation templates, sets a color scheme, selects a template and ready to use universal templates.

Bappfy is founded by experts in the industry who are committed to helping small businesses in realizing their full growth potential and invested in their success.

Overall, Bappfy provides a convenient, cost-effective, and quick service for any small business wanting to convert their website into an app with little to no coding knowledge.

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Pros and Cons


Cost-Effective - $9.99
No coding knowledge needed
User-friendly navigation templates
Internal push messages management
Effortless app signing
OneSignal API integration
Cross-platform capabilities - Flutter
Test before payment
Pre-set color schemes
Ready-to-use templates
App creation from website address
Industry experts built Bappfy
Quick service for conversions
Simple app building process
Integrated AdMob support
Publish apps without Mac
Name and link customization
Under 10 minutes app creation
Expo Snack SDK integration


Only for website conversion
Template-based designs
Limited customization
No integration beyond OneSignal
Supports only Android and iOS
No Mac app publishing
Relies on Flutter
Automatic code signing
Single payment, no subscription options
URL-only based service


What is Bappfy?
How does Bappfy convert websites into apps?
Do I need coding knowledge to use Bappfy?
How much does Bappfy cost?
What features does Bappfy provide for app navigation?
Can I create push messages with Bappfy?
Can Bappfy sign the code of my app?
What is the OneSignal API integration in Bappfy?
What platforms can I create apps for with Bappfy?
How does the Flutter Power feature work in Bappfy?
How can I test my app before payment on Bappfy?
What types of templates are available on Bappfy?
How do I select a color scheme on Bappfy?
Can I include AdMob in the apps I create on Bappfy?
How does Bappfy assist in publishing my app on the app store?
Who founded Bappfy and who are the team behind it?
What is the process to build an app on Bappfy?
How long will it take to build an app with Bappfy?
What services does Bappfy provide for businesses?
Can I contact Bappfy for more information or support?


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