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HTML Wave AI is an artificial intelligence tool designed to swiftly generate customized web page templates based on text prompts. Users simply enter descriptions of their desired webpage: its purpose, preferred colors, fonts, and so on, and HTML Wave AI produces a custom-made template that aligns with the user's specifications.

Importantly, this tool guarantees the production of templates that are mobile-friendly, ensuring optimal display on various screen sizes. Furthermore, HTML Wave AI is committed to delivering aesthetically pleasing design quality.

After users provide their website prompt, a ready-made page design, complete with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, is instantly available. This code can be conveniently copied and used by the user.

Additionally, HTML Wave AI incorporates a WYSIWYG editor which allows users to make visually informed adjustments to the webpage, such as amending text and images without much effort.

An added feature that enhances HTML Wave AIs usability is its free REST API that can generate web pages or individual components. This API can be integrated and used directly from the HTML Wave software.


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Pros and Cons


Generates custom templates
No coding knowledge required
Mobile optimized templates
Offers professional-looking templates
WYSIWYG editor feature
Provides contact form for inquiries
Registered users login area
Free website building
Fast web page creation
Instant designs based on prompt
Delivers HTML, CSS, JavaScript code
Visual adjustments for pages
API integration directly from software
Creates individual components
Design quality based on user inputs
Generates visually stunning webpages
Direct software downloading feature
Support for multiple inquires
Website purpose specification


No offline functionality
Limited template customization
No inbuilt analytics
No A/B testing
No multiple languages support
No direct customer support line
No collaboration features
No pre-built component library
No support for e-commerce
Not open source


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What is a WYSIWYG editor in HTML Wave AI?
How can I connect with HTML Wave AI for inquiries?
How do I register on HTML Wave AI?
Can HTML Wave AI provide HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code?
What does the instant web page design by HTML Wave AI entail?
How can the free REST API of HTML Wave AI be utilized?
Is HTML Wave AI user-friendly for someone without design skills?
How professional do the templates created by HTML Wave AI look?
What kind of adjustments can I make with the WYSIWYG editor in HTML Wave AI?
How does HTML Wave AI create web pages or individual components with the API?
How can the API be integrated with the HTML Wave software?
Where can I find the terms and privacy policy of HTML Wave AI?
Where can I download the HTML Wave software?

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