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Build interactive websites fast and easy with AI.
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Palet is an AI-assisted website builder designed for building interactive websites in a fast and easy manner. The tool, while providing simplified user interface options, still allows for coding customizations, maintaining flexibility throughout the building process.

It incorporates AI into the design and coding flow to streamline the building process, eliminating the need to input context or paste snippets. Palet offers unique features such as the ability to add effects like parallax and animated avatars or seamlessly embedding YouTube videos.

It offers the ability to design for all screen sizes, testing on any device, and ease of deployment to platforms like Netlify. Palet also integrates JavaScript libraries such as GSAP and Three.js, tools commonly used by developers, democratizing them for broader use.

It fosters user creativity with the provision to build interactive websites capable of winning awards. Palet includes a user-friendly editor that makes designing easier and more intuitive.

It also offers an expansive library of more than 150,000 vector icons for designers to choose from. For support, users can join Palets dedicated Discord community to seek help, suggest improvements, and share their work.

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Pros and Cons


Fast website building
Interactive website creation
Customizable coding
Simplified user interface
Streamlined design process
Unique effects creation
YouTube video embedding
Design for all screen sizes
Device-independent testing
Seamless deployment to Netlify
Integration of JavaScript libraries
GSAP and Three.js support
Fosters creativity
Intuitive user-friendly editor
Over 150,000 vector icons
Dedicated Discord community
Multiple award-winning website abilities
Democratizing developer tools
Responsive web design
Auto-complete code editor
Netlify one-click deployment
Free domain mapping
In-editor icon selection
Three.js upcoming integration
Creativity sharing on Discord
Switch to code feature
Minimal readable HTML code
Advanced UI editor
GSAP animation UI
No boilerplate code
Productivity enhancing features
Tab-free experimenting
Accessible JavaScript libraries
Inbuilt GSAP and Iconify
Physical device testing


Requires knowledge of JavaScript
Limited to Netlify deployment
Only has Discord support
User interface might be over-simplified
No inbuilt analytics
Inaccessibility of other popular libraries
Limited in-built effects
No white-label options
Lack of multiple language support


What is Palet?
How does Palet use AI to assist in website building?
What unique features does Palet offer for website design?
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How does Palet simplify the website building process?
Can I embed YouTube videos on my website using Palet?
How does Palet support design for all screen sizes?
How does the deployment to platforms like Netlify work with Palet?
What are GSAP and Three.js libraries, and how does Palet integrate them?
How can Palet help me build interactive and award-winning websites?
What is the user-friendly editor in Palet?
What does Palet's library of vector icons include?
Is there a community or network for Palet users for support and ideas exchange?
How can I add effects like parallax and animated avatars in Palet?
How does Palet streamline my design and coding flow?
Do I need to paste snippets or give context to the AI in Palet?
How can Palet increase my productivity in web design?
Does Palet allow switching between UI and code?
How can I join Palet's Discord community?
What resources are available for learning how to use Palet?

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