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Customizable templates for modern landing pages.
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Unicorn Platform is a modern landing page builder that uses AI technology to create simple and effective webpages for indie makers, startups, and SaaS companies.

With a wide range of templates to choose from, users can describe their ideas to the AI assistant, which generates a page according to their project's description.

Users can then iterate and brainstorm component details with AI for precise results, and customize their page with different fonts and colors. Unicorn Platform has been in operation since 2018 and is powered by the top tech in the industry.

The product has been designed to be truly simple to use, allowing users to validate their idea quickly. The platform has built over 83,534 websites, including examples from well-known companies such as Vintti,,, and Humanvoiceover.

In addition to the website builder function, Unicorn Platform offers a range of resources for makers, like freebie startup boosters, an open-source devhunt platform, and comparisons with other website builders like Wix, Webflow, WordPress, and Unbounce.

The company also has a blog and a help center, and social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Producthunt, where makers can reach out to the team.

Overall, Unicorn Platform is a fast and reliable tool that delivers on its promise of providing busy makers with an easy solution for creating landing pages with AI-powered features.

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User Profile PictureForum Agencia
ยท Jul 18, 2023
I do recommend this platform for layout and basic designing. It can help for you to show a first draft to your client. It's easy to use and precise. I think it's good for building "one page" or landing pages. I am showing my finished web page to a programmer so he can have a guide line and build a more personalized web page outside this unicorn platform.

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Pros and Cons


Customizable landing page templates
Allows project-based customization
Inclusive of many industries
Large built website portfolio
Resources for startups provided
Open-source devhunt platform
Website builder comparisons available
Active blog and help center
Presence on multiple social media
Fast and reliable service
Designed for makers specifically
Free prompts available
Simple user interface
Feature to add individuality
Top tech powering system
Part of MarsX community
User testimonials available
Product changelog transparency
Product roadmap transparency
Server status check available
Discord community accessible
White label service
Merchandise available
Startup Booster freebie
UI generator freebie
Platform comparison against competitors
Web pages for mobile apps
Web pages for SaaS
Web pages for NFT
Embedded social media links
Privacy policy transparent
Terms of service transparent


Limited to landing pages
Requires sign up
No ecommerce features
No Multi-language support
Not fully open-source
No integration with CMS
No mobile app
No split testing feature
Limited template variety


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What other resources does Unicorn Platform provide?
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What does Unicorn Platform mean by 'validate your idea today'?
How many websites has Unicorn Platform built?
What is the technology powering Unicorn Platform?
Does the Unicorn Platform have a user community?
Does Unicorn Platform have a help center and how can I access it?
Where can I see examples of websites created using Unicorn Platform?
Does Unicorn Platform offer functionalities for mobile app landing pages, SaaS, and NFTs?
Does Unicorn Platform have a blog where I can find more information?


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