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Dora AI is a text-to-website tool that can generate landing pages with natural language. Hosted within Doras powerful no-code editor, users can generate design inspiration and deploy sites faster than ever. It’s built to inspire and create a site beyond imagination.

With just one prompt, users can generate editable websites and get design inspirations. Unlike other AI site builders which rely on templates and stock image libraries, Dora AI lets AI handle layout to design to content. Dora AI builds genuinely custom sites. That means every image and layout is customized for personal needs, and the same prompt can yield many different possibilities for layout, styles, and content. No templates, no pre-defined layouts. Its full AI design via neural networks, from text to composition, content, and visual identity.

Dora AI can boldly harness numerous design styles, from minimalist bento UIs to futuristic neonpunk layouts. Dora AI can also seamlessly coordinate images, text, and UI elements to maximize usability and visual appeal. This is due to its unique ability to learn optimal layouts and avoid occlusion of text, images, and other elements. It also enables more harmonious color schemes!

Please note that visuals generated by Dora AI may contain AI artifacts due to the current limitations of generative technology. Dora AI demonstrates a remarkable capability for emergent behavior and self-evolution. Its performance improves with each use, reflecting continuous enhancement. We continuously work to improve our algorithms to minimize any inaccuracy, but users need to be aware of their potential presence in generated visuals. This Beta release serves as an opportunity for us to gather valuable feedback from users like you, and work towards the full implementation of advanced features such as 3D models and animations.

The tool is developed by DORA PLATFORM PTE. LTD. Dora AI also provides users access to its Discord community, where they can connect with other users and get customer support. Overall, Dora AI is a powerful and innovative tool for individuals and businesses that are looking to create professional and visually appealing websites with ease.

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Nov 26, 2023
Same stupid prices like everybody else!
Apr 2, 2024
It's pretty much free to use outside the AI feature (i.e. building designs, publishing on a free domain, etc). For the AI, you get enough credits for the first 3 generations / 12 preview generations. Then, you gotta refer friends or upgrade

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Pros and Cons


Text-to-website generation
Generates editable websites
No-code editor feature
Website customization options
Discord community for support
Custom code embed
AI style & branding
Generated constraints/responsive layouts


Only Text-based Customization
Limited to Website Generation
Unclear Language Translation Support
No Support for Custom Scripts


What is Dora AI Beta?
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How can I customize websites in Dora AI Beta?
Does Dora AI support 3D models?
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What kind of websites can Dora AI generate?

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