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Built mobile-friendly websites with codeless editor.
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Wishpond AI is an AI-powered website builder tool that allows users to create a functional and professional website in seconds, without any coding required.

Its AI technology automatically generates high-quality content and imagery based on simple information provided by the user. Users can easily build mobile-friendly landing pages and add popups, forms, and appointment booking features to convert visitors into customers.

The tool offers codeless drag-and-drop editing, allowing users to drag and drop objects and style them with simple controls. The website designs are optimized for multiple devices, ensuring they look great and load quickly on mobile, desktop, or tablet.

In addition to the website builder tool, Wishpond AI also offers products for social promotions, marketing funnels, appointments, email marketing, marketing automation, leads database, sales automation, popups, and payments.

These products are part of the Propel IQ marketing foundation, which provides the ability for small businesses to scale and drive growth. Users can experience the remarkable capabilities of Wishpond AI by regenerating text and images and enhancing their copy with the "Refine by AI" feature.

Wishpond AI is built on an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that includes a form builder, social sharing functionality, and more. It is the best website builder for marketing and allows users to focus on what matters most - growing their business.

Wishpond was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 15th 2023.
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This seems cool but you have to book a demo, they don't even have pricing listed on the site.

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Pros and Cons


Builds website in seconds
Generates high-quality content
Automatically provides imagery
Codeless drag-and-drop editing
Optimized for multiple devices
Creates mobile-friendly landing pages
Includes popups and forms
Offers appointment booking features
Covers social promotions
Offers marketing funnels
Includes email marketing
Facilitates marketing automation
Contains leads database
Supports sales automation
Facilitates online payments
Built on intuitive platform
Includes social sharing
Regenerates text and images
Responsive design
Part of Propel IQ
Supports various industries
Integration options available
Allows Shopify Marketing
Offers Graphic Design services
Includes SEO services
Supports outbound sales
Provides customer success stories
Affiliates program available
Has professional services
Offers VIP demo
Guides for marketing strategy
Offers webinar resources
Infographics available
GDPR compliant
Incorporates email API
Multi-channel support


Limited styling controls
No advanced SEO options
Lacks website analytics
Limited third-party integrations
No code access
No multilingual support
No option for blogging
No customized domain options


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Does Wishpond AI facilitate online payments?
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How to build a functional site using Wishpond AI?
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How does Wishpond AI regenerate text and images?


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