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Entrepreneurs' website generator for marketing.
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LoopGenius is an AI-powered tool designed to assist entrepreneurs and side hustlers in growing their businesses through personalized marketing strategies and automated landing pages.

It offers users the ability to attract and convert customers through its unique marketing approach called "Loops". LoopGenius provides users with ready-made marketing plans, content marketing strategies, and sales techniques tailored to their specific ideas and side projects.With LoopGenius, users can effortlessly create websites and landing pages in just 30 seconds, thus allowing them to quickly establish an online presence.

The tool also helps users increase their reach by facilitating engagement with influencers, providing AI-assisted content generation, and enabling seamless email campaigns.

Users can rely on LoopGenius to attract and engage new customers, with the goal of reaching their first 100 customers and creating repeat business.LoopGenius offers different pricing plans, including an early bird Pro plan, which grants access to the LoopNation community where entrepreneurs can learn and share growth strategies.

The tool emphasizes user-friendliness, even for individuals without marketing expertise, enabling them to effectively market their ideas and attract customers to their side hustles.Powered by Shiba Technologies, Inc., LoopGenius aims to simplify the process of driving traffic, finding customers, and growing businesses by harnessing the potential of AI-driven marketing techniques.

Loopgenius was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates website in 30 seconds
Automated email campaigns
Ready-made marketing plans
Personalized marketing strategies
Includes sales techniques
Engagement with influencers
Facilitates customer conversion
Access to LoopNation community
Attracts repeat business
User-friendly for non-experts
Multiple pricing plans
Early bird Pro plan available
Free plan with useful features
Helps reach first 100 customers
Unlimited project access (Pro Plan)
Custom domain names (Pro Plan)
Unlimited Loop access (Pro Plan)
Connects with unlimited influencers (Pro Plan)


Requires monthly payment
Limited influencer reach
Limited Linkedin posts with free package
No custom domain name for free users
Branded subdomain for free users
Single project limit for free users
Limited Loop access on free package
No mention of API availability
No assurance on data privacy
Significant pricing difference between plans


What is LoopGenius?
How does LoopGenius work?
What is a 'Loop' in context of LoopGenius?
How can LoopGenius help me grow my side business?
What is the unique marketing approach of LoopGenius?
Can LoopGenius generate a website in 30 seconds?
How does LoopGenius provide help with email campaigns?
Does LoopGenius offer assistance in engaging with influencers?
Who can use LoopGenius?
What are the pricing plans for LoopGenius?
Does the Pro plan of LoopGenius provide access to a specific community?
What exactly is 'LoopNation' and how can it help my business?
How user-friendly is LoopGenius for non-marketing experts?
How can LoopGenius help me reach my first 100 customers?
What AI-driven marketing techniques does LoopGenius make use of?
What advantages can I get by opting for early bird pricing at LoopGenius?
Can LoopGenius build a content marketing plan and sales strategy for me?
How does LoopGenius assist with content creation?
What is the starter plan of LoopGenius and what does it include?
What do I get in the Pro plan of LoopGenius?


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