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Building and deploying simple websites, beginner-friendly.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Ready to build and deploy your website? Let's get started!
Sample prompts:
Quickly build a basic website
Deploy my website to Github pages
Adjust styles of my website
Adjust content of my website
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DIY Website Builder is a GPT that assists users in building and deploying simple websites. It is designed with a focus on clarity and user-friendliness, making it ideal for beginners.

Navigating through the process of constructing a website can be quite challenging, especially for newcomers to the field. This tool bridges this gap by offering guided assistance throughout the process.

The GPT provides useful advice about common aspects associated with crafting a website, your website's content, style adjustment and even the deployment of the created website to platforms like GitHub Pages.

It aims to simplify the otherwise complex procedure and make it accessible for even non-technical users. Users can initiate conversations with the GPT using prompt starters such as 'Quickly build a basic website', 'Deploy my website to GitHub pages', 'Adjust styles of my website', and 'Adjust content of my website'.

The tool is supported by a welcoming and interactive user interface that invites beginners to step into the world of website building. A subscription to ChatGPT Plus is required to access and utilize this tool.

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