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Butternut AI is an artificial intelligence-tool that facilitates the process of website creation. Billed as the first text-to-website builder, this tool autonomously produces multi-page websites from a single user prompt, streamlining the complexities traditionally associated with web development.

By simply entering the name of their business and submitting a few relevant keywords, users can quickly generate a fully operational website. Due to its AI-driven design, Butternut AI eliminates the need for expensive designers, copywriters, web developers, or SEO agencies, providing a cost-effective alternative for developing professional-quality websites.

It is suitable for a varying range of users, from startups and small businesses to larger enterprises and is capable of producing websites quickly, outpacing traditional developers or platforms.

Users retain full control over the development process without relying on third-party assistance. The platform offers a free version, with the option of upgrading to a paid plan for additional features and increased customization control.

It is being recognized for its impactful usage of AI in the web development domain and is regarded as a time and cost-efficient solution for businesses of all sizes.


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Jun 3, 2023
This isn't too bad, it generated a pretty basic template site with AI-generated copy in the descriptions. Not too bad, but you could probably do this with a static site generator and GPT open in another tab. Nothing groundbreaking.

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Pros and Cons


Generates websites instantly
No coding skills needed
Includes text and visuals
Customizable images and content
Fully SEO optimized
User interaction via text
Easy to use interface
Unlimited website generation
Free tier availability
Premium tier with extras
Domain, SSL certificate, dedicated support
One month free trial
Credit card not required
Automates repetitive tasks
Saves time and effort
Ideal for small businesses
Multifunctional business tool
Multiple tiers for needs
Cost efficient solution
Freedom from third-party assistance
Control over development process
Eliminates need for external aid
Facilitates startups, enterprises site creation
Fast website creation
100GB hosting on pro plan
Link custom domain ability
Unlimited editing/customization
Premium SEO and support
Advanced analytics and insights
API integrations on enterprise plan
Dedicated technical support
Custom development options
Multi-user collaboration
Protections for uptime
Option for tailored hosting
Priority customer care
Rapid website regeneration
More affordable than agencies
User retains full control


Limited design flexibility
No explicit data ownership
No in-built ecommerce features
Dependent on accurate keywords
Lacks multi-language support
Shared hosting
No third-party app integration
Single template base
No offline mode


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Is Butternut AI easy to use for someone without technical skills?
What makes Butternut AI a cost-effective solution?
Can Butternut AI build a website just with the name of my business and some keywords?

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