Website building 02 Mar 2023
Created eCommerce shops visually with automated pages.

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Weaverse is a website builder that allows users to create high-performance eCommerce storefronts. It utilizes headless frameworks like Shopify Hydrogen, Remix, and NextJS to provide fast page rendering performance.

Weaverse provides a drag and drop visual page builder that allows users to build pages without worrying about messing up frontend code. Its embedded script editor also allows web experts to customize source code and access a whole new developer experience.

Weaverse includes a smart grid layout system that positions elements effortlessly, and its mobile-responsive design ensures customers can shop anywhere, anytime.

Weaverse offers a library of essential design elements such as drag-and-drop page elements, mobile responsive templates, and a custom code editor for users to add their own unique code.

Its AI assistant automates tedious tasks, allowing users to build pages in less time than watching a YouTube video about building pages or writing copy.

Weaverse also offers a section template library and a starter plan, which allows users to get started for free. Weaverse is suitable for Shopify sellers who want to build a high-converting store without worrying about CSS or web design.


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