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Build websites for service providers.

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B12 is an all-in-one website builder and platform specifically developed for professional service providers. It includes features to make it easy to attract leads, win business, serve clients, and streamline business operations.

B12’s AI-powered platform automatically creates an industry-specific website draft, and assigns a team of copywriting, design, and launch experts to help tailor and publish the site.

Once the site is up, it includes features like contact forms, online appointment scheduling, marketing automation tools, and custom domains. It also allows for the easy collection of payments through branded invoices, card payments, bank or ACH payments, and payment pages.

B12 has been featured in FastCompany, OReilly, TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, and VentureBeat. It is designed to help professional service providers easily create and maintain a credible online presence with a website that works as hard as they do.

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Pros and Cons


Website draft creation
Industry-specific features
Dedicated team of experts
Automatic scheduling system
Client engagement tools
Integrated contact manager
Email marketing capabilities
Online payment system
Automatic invoice reminders
Bank/ACH payments support
One-stop business setup
Secure web hosting
Third-party integrations
Traffic analytics & reporting
Customizable domains
eSignatures facility
SEO specialists' support
Updates for SEO
Flexible website updates
Wide range of industries
Built-in contract system
Branded invoices
Automatic industry-relevant imagery
Marketing automation tools
Integrated online business setup
Invoicing from site
Card payment acceptance
Recurring invoice system
Featured in renowned outlets
Customizable website templates
Built-in conversion tools
Client intake forms
24/7 monitoring
99%+ uptime
TLS certificates
Support via phone/chat
Automatic website draft creation
Featured client stories
Targeted for professional services
Supports sending branded invoices
Integrated contact management system
Resource center availability
Featured in reputed media
Integrated online appointment scheduling
Built-in robust analytics
Email forwarding capabilities
Dedicated professional services


Limited design customization
No eCommerce capabilities
No multi-language support
Lack of extensive integrations
No advanced SEO tools
Inability to migrate existing sites
Limited target industry focus
No blogging features
No analytics or behavioral insights
No website export option


What does B12 offer?
How does B12's AI-powered platform work?
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What features does the B12 platform include?
Can I schedule appointments through my B12 website?
Does B12 offer marketing automation tools?
Can I accept payments through B12?
How do clients make payment on a B12 website?
What types of companies could benefit from using B12?
Is B12 only suited for certain industries?
What is the B12 Editor?
Do I have control over the design of my B12 website?
What kind of support can I expect from the B12 team?
How does B12 streamline my business operations?
Can I use my own custom domain with B12?
How does B12 contribute to attracting leads and winning business?
Does B12 create mobile-responsive websites?
Can I integrate 3rd party tools with my B12 website?
How can I track my website's traffic with B12?
What kind of website updates are included with B12?


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