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Website builder and dev platform with automation.
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Hackules is an AI tool that offers various services and ready software solutions for website building, software development, and business operations. The tool provides features like AI code generation, no-code web building, AI code commenting, AI security testing, design to code conversion, auto SEO optimization, and auto web matrix.

It also includes ready software for accounting, CRM, inventory management, HR and payroll, point of sales, sales and purchase, help desk, live chat, e-commerce, learning management, enterprise software, ML and AI, web development, mobile app development, DevOps and cloud, dedicated offshore, cyber security and penetration testing, and IoT.Hackules aims to make digital transformation faster and cheaper by incorporating automation and AI technologies into the development process.

It claims to utilize AI and automation for 30% of its development work, reducing the need for manual tasks compared to traditional software companies.

The tool offers a web builder where users can create websites without any coding experience.Hackules is trusted by various clients and partners, as showcased by the logos displayed.

It emphasizes that its AI-assisted software development can save users 25% of time and money compared to traditional methods. The tool is described as continuously striving to increase this percentage.Overall, Hackules provides an automation and AI-enabled ecosystem for faster and more cost-effective digital transformation, offering a range of services and ready software solutions for various business needs.

Hackules was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 21st 2023.
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