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Hocoos AI Website Builder is an AI-based tool that enables users to create professional websites and online stores without any coding skills. By answering just 8 quick questions about their business, the AI tool generates a unique and business-ready website with customized content, layout, and design.

Hocoos AI Editor further facilitates customization to give users the power to change text, images, and widgets themselves in moments, or generate brand new content with just a few clicks.

Users can also choose to use their own branding or let the AI tool create different color palettes, fonts, and layouts options. Hocoos AI Website Builder provides sales and marketing tools to enable businesses to start and grow their online presence.

The AI wizard takes care of all customer invoices, allowing quick connections with Stripe or PayPal to start taking payment for products or services. The Hocoos platform includes a powerful marketing toolkit, like AI-generated email campaigns, to increase an audience and find new customers.

Hocoos AI Website Builder offers different categories to let users choose more specific options, like beauty & wellness or sports & fitness, to make building websites, even more, hassle-free.

Hocoos AI Website Builder claims to be able to create a professional, customized website in under 5 minutes, making it ideal for businesses of all types and sizes, and a perfect choice for users looking to save time, effort, and resources.

Hocoos was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Customized content, layout, design
No-coding skills required
Direct branding control
Automated layout creation
Inbuilt sales and marketing tools
Efficient invoice management
Integrated payment systems
Website category selection
Quick website generation
Customizable visual content
SEO optimized website generation
Supports a variety of businesses
Interactive website creation
Inbuilt online store platform
Supports blogs and booking systems
Human customer service support
Offers custom domain names
Hosts site online
Automated social media marketing
Up-to-date news, tips, and tricks


Limited payment integrations
Limited design customization
Reliant on user input
No live customer support
Minimal layout variation
Limited categories options
No domain name service
No mobile editing functionality
Limited marketing tools


What is Hocoos AI Website Builder?
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How does Hocoos AI Website Builder customize the website's content, layout, and design?
Can I make changes to the text, images, and widgets on my website using Hocoos AI Editor?
Does Hocoos AI Website Builder provide different color palettes, fonts, and layouts options?
What kind of sales and marketing tools does Hocoos AI Website Builder offer?
How does Hocoos handle customer invoices?
Can I integrate my Stripe or PayPal account with my website built by Hocoos?
What specific categories are offered by Hocoos for building my website?
What type of businesses is Hocoos AI Website Builder suitable for?
Can Hocoos AI Website Builder create an online store?
Can I use my own branding with Hocoos AI Website Builder?
Can Hocoos AI Website Builder be used to create websites for photographers or household services?
How does Hocoos AI assist in sending out AI-generated email campaigns?
What is the process of building a website with Hocoos?
Is Hocoos only for building websites?
Does Hocoos AI Website Builder have a community I can join?
What assistance does Hocoos provide in case I need help?
Does Hocoos AI Website Builder offer blog design options?


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