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Smartly boosted websites w/ copy suggestions.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered website builder that allows users to create responsive and visually appealing websites with ease. This tool generates UI elements and designs based on user prompts and offers a smart suggestion system to create relevant content.

One of its unique features is the AI Magic that assists in creating flawless marketing copy by turning bland content into something beautiful and SEO-friendly. allows easy customization of designs and offers quick preview options for users to visualize and make adjustments in real-time. As a cloud-based tool, provides users with cloud hosting, SEO optimization, and the ability to publish or export their website directly to code.

Additionally, it offers a relational database, version history, and developer handoff features to make website development more efficient. has a free basic plan that allows users to build up to three projects and host them under the tool's subdomain.

Users do not need to know coding to build with, although having basic understanding of web development is an advantage. Compared to other website builders, is an AI-assisted platform that streamlines the website creation process, making it faster and more efficient while catering to individual user needs and preferences.

It is a suitable tool for anyone with a purpose to create a website, whether they are new to website building or experienced.

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Pros and Cons


Generates UI elements
Offers smart suggestions
Flawless marketing copy creation
Easy customization of designs
Quick preview options
Cloud hosting provided
SEO optimization
Publish or export to code
Relational database feature
Version history available
Developer handoff features
Allows up to three projects
No coding knowledge needed
Individual user needs catered
Can connect custom domain
Collaboration and project sharing
Free basic plan available
Export website into HTML, CSS & JS
CAPTCHA integration for added security
30-day money-back guarantee


Limited free plan
Subdomain hosting only on free plan
Unclear SEO features
Unsure about data privacy
No information about loading speeds
Limited export options (HTML only)
No clear collaboration features


What is
What does AI Magic feature in do?
What kind of websites can I build with
Do I need to be a web developer to use
Does allow customization of website designs?
Can I preview my website design in real-time with
Is a cloud-based tool?
What are the advantages of being a cloud-based tool?
Can I publish my website directly to code with
What is the version history feature of
What is the developer handoff feature in
Can I use for free?
What benefits do I get from's basic plan?
Who is the ideal user for
How does assist with SEO optimization?
Is there a database feature in
Can I host my website with
How does compare to other website builders?
Can I use my own domain with
Is it possible to export my website to HTML with


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