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Created web apps with machine learning.
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Dream is an AI-powered no-code builder that helps designers, developers, and founders to quickly and easily create functional web applications using natural language.

This tool uses artificial intelligence to iteratively build functional websites, allowing users to export to code or deploy it to production with just a few clicks.

With Dream, users can build functional products and minimum viable products (MVPs) 10 times faster compared to traditional development methods. The platform is currently in private beta testing and users can sign up to join the waitlist.

Dream aims to simplify the process of building functional web applications by eliminating the need for advanced coding skills. By using natural language, users of any skill level can easily create functional websites without having to write code.

The platform uses AI to create the website iteratively, which means it is continuously improving and adjusting the website based on user input. Dream offers an efficient way to create MVPs for startups looking to test their concepts quickly and inexpensively.

Additionally, the user-friendly interface means that designers and developers can work together to build applications, allowing for better collaboration and faster development times.

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Jul 20, 2023
couldn't create a website
Jun 3, 2023
Seems like it would be a good product but I generated a site and it was too basic, then clicking the links in the site demo caused the entire page to open within an iframe inside itself. Too beta still, I'd try something else.
May 24, 2023
Develop a simple website

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Pros and Cons


No-code builder
Natural language processing
Exports to code
Rapid deployment
10x faster development
MVP creation
Continuous improvement
Low cost concept testing
Enhanced collaboration
User-friendly interface
Sign up for beta
Web app creation
Adaptive design
No coding skills required
Functional product development
Streamlined web application building
User input adjustment


Currently in private beta
No advanced coding capabilities
Limited to functional websites
Relies on user input
Doesn't specify export formats
No collaboration tools mentioned
Potential lack of flexibility
Iterative process may be slow
Assumes user design input
Startups as primary target


What is Dream App?
What makes Dream App different from other no-code builders?
What is the role of AI in Dream App?
How does Dream App use natural language to build applications?
Who can use Dream App?
How fast can I build a web application using Dream App compared to traditional methods?
How can I join the private beta testing for Dream App?
Do I need coding skills to use Dream App?
Does Dream App only build websites?
Is there a demo I can view before signing up for Dream App?
How does Dream App’s iterative building work?
What does it mean to 'deploy to production' in Dream App?
What is an MVP and how can Dream App help me build one?
How does Dream App facilitate collaboration between designers and developers?
What kind of applications can I build with Dream App?
How does Dream App adjust websites based on user input?
How user-friendly is Dream App's interface?
In what format can I export my website from Dream App?
What does 'AI-powered No-Code Builder' mean?
Can Dream App help me even if I am not a developer?


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