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Unleash the Power of your mind with the most advanced platform to make mindmaps
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MindmapAI is an advanced and high-functioning mind mapping platform which automates the process of creating mind maps, utilizing artificial intelligence in order to streamline the process and save users valuable time and effort.

It offers multiple ways to construct a mind map: users can start from scratch, input a sentence or even upload a PDF file that the system will then use to form the mind map.

Unique personalization features allow for the customization of mind maps, including the ability to add custom notes, seamlessly link nodes, incorporate icons for improved visual representation, and connect to other pages with ease.

Custom tags can also be utilized to organize content. Aside from creating and customizing mind maps, MindmapAI also provides a feature for sharing these visual aids.

Users can generate a public link for real-time sharing, or export their mind maps as PDF, PNG, or JPEG files for use in presentations or for easy dissemination of information.

MindmapAI is not merely a tool for creating mind maps, but a comprehensive solution intended to enhance knowledge absorption and productivity through the use of AI-enabled mind maps.


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Pros and Cons


Automates mind map creation
Multiple construction methods
PDF file upload
Unique personalization features
Adds custom notes
Seamlessly link nodes
Icon incorporation
Ease of connecting pages
Use of custom tags
Real-time sharing option
Export as PDF, PNG, JPEG
Enhances knowledge absorption
Boosts productivity
Automated design
Interactive visual aid
Content organization
Keyboard shortcuts for creation
Customizable mind maps
Improves presentations


No mobile application
Lacks collaborative features
No built-in chat
Limited file upload formats
No cloud storage integration
Lacks offline mode
No version control
No template library
No voice command feature
No keyword search


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