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Revolutionizing presentations and mind maps with AI.
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Smallppt is an AI-assisted tool designed to change the way you create presentations and mind maps. This tool aids in the design of visually captivating PowerPoint slides effortlessly and efficiently, producing impressive starting points for presentations within minutes.

Besides PowerPoint presentations, Smallppt extends its capabilities to assist in designing and creating AI-based mind maps. It simplifies the whole process, enabling users to generate complete slides in less time.

With easy one-click modifications, users have flexibility in altering single-page layouts. To enhance the diversity of presentation mediums, the tool accommodates the addition of background videos and music.

Smallppt supports multiple file formats for document download including PPTX, PDF, and IMAGE. Furthermore, the tool also enables users to express their ideas using the presentation mode, share online and conduct a performance analysis.

With Smallppt, users can streamline the flow of creating presentations, ensuring speed and precision, thus fostering better creativity.


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Pros and Cons


Efficient PowerPoint design
One-click modifications
Single-page layout alteration
Background videos and music
Supports multiple file formats
Allows online sharing
Conducts performance analysis
Fosters creativity
Speedy slide creation
Presentation mode
Visually captivating slides
Streamlines presentation creation
Creates impressive starting points
Presentation and mind map capabilities
Enables quick slides
Enhances presentation diversity
Facilitates idea expression
Simplifies design process


Doesn't support all file formats
Limited single-page layout changes
Lack of offline capabilities
No free version offered
Restricted to presentations and mind maps
Browser limitation for Google log-in
Doesn't support real-time collaboration
Requires verification code to log in
Limited multimedia support
Performance analysis not detailed


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