Create engaging presentations without design skills.

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Gamma is a web-based tool that enables users to create and present content with minimal formatting and design work. Powered by AI, Gamma allows users to write and develop ideas, creating a polished and engaging medium for presenting those ideas.

In just a few clicks, users can choose from customizable templates that align with their brand and editing options that require no coding. With Gamma, creating slides for presentations becomes faster, simpler, and more efficient than using traditional software.Gamma is designed to engage audiences on any device by bringing ideas to life with visual and interactive content.

Users can embed a variety of media formats including GIFs, videos, websites, and charts, making it easier to understand complex ideas. Gamma also enables collaboration and feedback with features like quick reactions, comments, and publishing and analytics tools.

Gamma memos can be presented while retaining the ability to stand alone, replacing more traditional and cumbersome slide decks. Gamma helps users to break down walls of text into bite-sized pieces, making it easier to understand and remember ideas.

Finally, Gamma enables users to measure engagement using built-in analytics, allowing them to refine and improve their presentations for better results.Overall, Gamma is an AI-powered tool that simplifies the process of creating and presenting engaging content, making it an excellent resource for individuals and organizations seeking to present ideas in a more polished and compelling way.

Gamma was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 28th 2023.
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It is an excellent AI for preparing presentations. I would strongly recommend it to everyone whoever is interested ! I am yet to find anything better than this !
Kar Bar
· Jul 10, 2023
Easy to use, output is great, a little costly but if you will be using this regularly it's def worth it. Works with PPT, have not used with Slides yet.
Barbara Sabitzer
· May 2, 2023
Really helpful!

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Pros and Cons


Web-based tool
Minimal formatting effort
Customizable templates
No coding required
Efficient process
Works on any device
Embed various media formats
Collaboration and feedback features
Quick reactions
Commenting feature
Publishing tools
Built-in analytics
Transforms text into bite-sized pieces
Optimizes engagement measuring
One-click templates
On-brand design
No template lock-in
Ability to re-style entire deck
Flexible templates
Nested cards
Publishing and analytics
Concise and visual content
Interactive content
Share across different devices
Bite-sized content for comprehension
Adaptable design tools
Narrations and recodings
Gamma memos can stand alone
More visual than a doc
More interactive than a video


No offline capability
No mentioned security features
Limited device compatibility
Lack of integration with other tools
No version control for edits
Requires strong Internet connection
Depends on existing templates
No accessibility information provided
Collaboration features may be limited
Analytics possibly lacking depth


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Can I collaborate with team members in real time using Gamma?
How does Gamma help in effectively presenting complex ideas?
Is it possible to measure audience engagement using Gamma?
What are the available editing options in Gamma?
Is Gamma a web-based tool?
Can I use Gamma on any device?
How does Gamma break down walls of text into bite-sized pieces?
What are Gamma's publishing and analytics tools?
How can Gamma replace more traditional and cumbersome slide decks?
What are quick reactions in Gamma?
What is the pricing for Gamma?
What is the process of signing up for a Gamma account?
What are the unique features of Gamma?


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