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PresentationGPT is an AI-powered presentation generator that creates high-quality presentations in seconds. It uses GPT-4, the most advanced language generation models available to fuel their AI algorithms and generate impressive presentations.

The tool is designed to work seamlessly with PowerPoint and Google Slides, allowing users to easily download and edit their presentations. PresentationGPT features a variety of themes and design templates that can be used to produce engaging and detailed presentations leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Additionally, the tool offers a free plan that includes unlimited presentations, basic design templates, and high-quality, editable file formats for PowerPoint and Google Slides, among other features.

There is also a pay-per-download plan at $4.99, allowing users to access similar features for a one-time fee per download. PresentationGPT has a simple and transparent pricing structure, with no hidden fees, subscriptions, or registrations required.

Users can access their presentations for free, and only pay when they download them. The tool has been praised by its users for its simplicity, transparency, and ability to produce high-quality customizable presentations in no time.

PresentationGPT is an ideal tool for anyone looking for an efficient and effective way to develop stunning presentations without spending hours on design and formatting.


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Dec 4, 2023
you are a web ccessibility expert. please creat a presntation on how to use NVDA screen reder. The presentation is for programers. the programers shoul learn to use NvDA Screen reader to check if the site is accessible acording to wcag 2.1. the presentatio is for max 35 slides.
Jul 23, 2023
does a good work with a limited number of characters, less than 700

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Pros and Cons


Uses GPT-4 language model
Interoperable with PowerPoint
Interoperable with Google Slides
Variety of themes/templates
Free plan availability
Pay-per-download pricing option
No hidden fees
No subscriptions or registrations
Editable file formats
High-quality presentations
Quick presentation generation
User-friendly interface
Availability of testimonials
Transparent pricing structure
PDF output availability
Offline use compatibility


Doesn't support other presentation software
No advanced design templates
High-quality only with payment
No subscription discounts
No automative real-time editing
Lacks collaborative features
No offline use for editing
Limited preview without downloading
Dependency on PowerPoint, Google Slides
No free access to downloads


What is PresentationGPT?
How does PresentationGPT work?
What is GPT-4 and how does PresentationGPT utilize it?
Can PresentationGPT work with both PowerPoint and Google Slides?
Is there a variety of themes and design templates available in PresentationGPT?
Does PresentationGPT offer a free plan?
What are the features included in the free plan?
Do I have to register or subscribe to use PresentationGPT?
Is there a pay-per-download plan in PresentationGPT?
If I choose the pay-per-download plan, how much does it cost?
What extra features do I get when I purchase the pay-per-download plan?
Are there any hidden fees when using PresentationGPT?
How do I download a presentation from PresentationGPT?
What file formats are available for downloading the presentations?
Why have users praised PresentationGPT?
Can I edit the presentations downloaded from PresentationGPT?
Does PresentationGPT generate detailed presentations?
Can I use PresentationGPT for professional purposes?
Can I share presentations created by PresentationGPT easily?
What do users have to say about PresentationGPT?


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