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Fast presentation generation with customizable design.
Generated by ChatGPT

AutoSlide is an artificial intelligence-powered presentation generator that allows users to create stunning presentations from scratch in a matter of seconds.

The tool uses GPT-3, an advanced language generation model, to power its AI algorithms and generate high-quality content for presentations. AutoSlide provides fast and simple design customization, and the resulting presentations can be exported to Google Slides, PowerPoint, and PDF.

The tool offers two pricing plans: a personal plan for $1.99 per month, which includes 5 presentations per month and up to 3 chapters, and a premium plan for $4.99 per month, which includes 20 presentations per month, up to 10 chapters, and design customization.

The tool's customer support is available for both pricing plans.AutoSlide's mission is to work with passion and responsibility towards a world with equal opportunities.

The tool's website includes links to its social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as its contact email address. Overall, AutoSlide presents itself as a reliable and user-friendly solution for users looking to create professional-looking presentations without investing lots of time and effort.


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Pros and Cons


Fast presentation generation
Customizable design
Uses GPT-3 model
Export to Google Slides
Export to PowerPoint
Export to PDF
Personal and premium plans
Affordable pricing
Customer support included
Social media presence
User-friendly interface
Ideal for professionals
Great for students
Helpful for teachers
High-quality content
Donate, save time
Never start from scratch
Up to 10 chapters
Design customization in premium
20 Presentations/month for premium
5 Presentations/month for personal
Company has a mission


Limited number of presentations
Chapter limitations
Design customization in premium only
Doesn't export to Keynote
No free plan offered
No API for third-party integration
No offline usage


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Is it possible to get customer support on both pricing plans of AutoSlide?
Can AutoSlide be used to create professional presentations?
What is AutoSlide's mission?
Where can I contact AutoSlide for any inquiries?
Is there a social media presence for AutoSlide?
How do I get started with making a presentation on AutoSlide?
What does AutoSlide's dashboard feature entail?
How fast can I generate a presentation on AutoSlide?
Are there any restrictions on design customization in AutoSlide's personal plan?
Can I use AutoSlide for my personal projects?
Can AutoSlide also cater to the needs of professionals, students and teachers?
What is the experience of generating a presentation on AutoSlide like?


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