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Aiding in market research and consulting slide creation.
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Slidemaker is an AI-driven tool designed to help with market research and slide-building for management consulting projects. It is trained on thousands of consulting slides and has access to the most current databases of market data, as well as the huge knowledgebase from the GPT model.

It can generate compelling storylines and build perfect slides for any market, in any design. It is also capable of making adjustments and fixes to slides according to user requests.

Slidemaker is currently in beta and selectively accepting users. It is a great tool for those looking to streamline their market research and slide-building process and save time.

Slidemaker was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 28th 2023.
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User Profile PictureClay Nichols
Β· Aug 6, 2023
No. Not live. Can't tell what it does.
User Profile PictureClay Nichols
Β· Aug 6, 2023
Not live yet. No clear indication of what it actually does. Description here is "makes slides" but the website demo is about generating market research. "Join our wait list"

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Pros and Cons


Trained on consulting slides
Current market data access
GPT model knowledgebase
Generates compelling storylines
Tailors slides to market
Creates various designs
Allows adjustments and fixes
Auto storyline generation
Follows consulting slide rules
Multiple fix attempts
Training for various presentations
Selective user acceptance
Email product updates


In Beta stage
Selective user acceptance
No design customization
Limited to market slides
Unknown fix limitations
Potential data privacy issues
Limited tool expansion availability
No offline capabilities


What is Slidemaker?
How does Slidemaker help in market research?
How does Slidemaker assist in creating presentation slides?
What kind of databases does Slidemaker have access to for its operations?
Does Slidemaker only generate slides for market research?
What design options does Slidemaker offer for the slides?
What does it mean that Slidemaker is 'trained' on consulting slides?
What changes can I request Slidemaker to make on the slides?
Aside from market research and consulting slides, what else can Slidemaker do?
How does Slidemaker ensure the slides are perfect for any market?
What is the GPT model that Slidemaker uses?
I am not satisfied with the slides generated. How can I make Slidemaker fix them?
Can Slidemaker generate storylines for presentation slides?
Why is Slidemaker currently only selectively accepting users?
How can I join the waitlist for Slidemaker?
How does Slidemaker save time in the market research and slide building process?
What future capabilities is Slidemaker being trained for?
Will the AI in Slidemaker always strictly follow the rules for slide building in management consulting?
Can Slidemaker create slides that senior partners will approve?
Will Slidemaker always be able to do market research in under one minute?


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