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Instant is an AI-powered presentation tool designed to help users effortlessly create visually-engaging slides in Google Slides. It offers a user-friendly interface and eliminates the need to learn complex presentation software, as it seamlessly integrates with Google Slides.

The tool provides hundreds of professional-grade slide templates, allowing users to create powerful infographics and visuals with ease.The process of generating presentations with Instant is simple and efficient.

Users can customize the style of their slides by choosing colors and fonts that match their branding. They can then select the desired presentation length and type, and briefly describe the topic.

Instant's AI technology generates an outline for the presentation, which can be modified to fit specific needs. Finally, users can choose from suggested layouts for each slide, and the AI will draft the content accordingly.Instant outshines other AI tools in its ability to generate visually-engaging slides.

It combines the power of AI with expert-designed presentation templates, resulting in professional-grade slide decks that captivate audiences. The tool supports flowcharts, infographics, and diagrams, offering a wide range of visualization options.In terms of pricing, Instant offers different subscription plans to cater to various needs.

Users can choose between a Pro plan, which allows auto-generation of up to 150 slides per month, or a Premium plan, which offers unlimited slide and presentation generation.

Additionally, a free trial is available, providing users with a limited set of features and functionality.Overall, Instant is a reliable AI tool that simplifies the process of creating stunning presentations, making it an ideal choice for professionals and business users.

Instant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Integrates with Google Slides
User-friendly interface
Professional-grade slide templates
Customizable slide styles
Ability to select presentation length
Generates outline for presentation
Suggested slide layouts
Supports flowcharts, infographics, and diagrams
Various subscription plans
Free trial available
Trusted by reputable brands
Creates fully-editable slides
Automates slide creation
Directly usable in Google Slides
Auto-Generate Visual, Engaging Slides
Robust library of professional-grade templates
Various Visualization options
150 slides generation in Pro Plan
Unlimited slide generation in Premium Plan
Supports Google Workspace Extension
Generates presentations in a few clicks
Save time and money
Ideal for Professionals and business users
Facilitates effortless creation of presentations
Option to cancel or pause Subscription
Refunds on unused quotas
Generous free trial
Built-in support system
Extensive documentation available for assistance
Automatically styles to match branding
Ideal for Investor or Sales presentations
Allows brief description of the topic for customization
Capable of auto-generating content for slides


Limited to Google Slides
Subscription can be expensive
Restricted slide generation on Pro plan
No support for custom templates on Free version
Priority support only on Premium plan
Only 15 templates on Free version
Software still in Beta stage
Limited colors & fonts customization
Generating flowcharts & infographics not mentioned for Free version
No chat/email support for Free version


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