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Your partner in crafting polished PowerPoint presentations.
GPT welcome message: Ready to co-create amazing presentations? Let's begin!
Sample prompts:
Code a slide about innovative marketing strategies.
Develop a final presentation on environmental policies.
Help me with slides for a tech conference.
Create engaging slides for a health seminar.
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Slides Copilot is a GPT built on top of ChatGPT to assist users in designing high-quality PowerPoint presentations. Developed by, it utilizes AI capabilities to help users in creating effective and engaging presentations.

Slides Copilot goes beyond providing plain text, rather it co-creates complete slide content based on the users input, a necessary tool for a variety of contexts including marketing strategies, environmental policies, tech conferences and even health seminars.

Its primary function is to facilitate a collaborative atmosphere for slide creation, making it an excellent choice for individuals who need assistance in building educational, professional, or creative presentations.

ChatGPT Plus is required for Slides Copilot, ensuring an elevated user experience. Once signed up, users are greeted with an optimistic welcome message, 'Ready to co-create amazing presentations?', underlining the platform's commitment to collaborative creativity.

The technology supports a myriad of prompt starters aimed to jumpstart the content creation process, aiding users in navigating the presentation creation process with ease.

All in all, Slides Copilot is a comprehensive solution for crafting exceptional PowerPoint presentations.


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