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Effortlessly create diagrams from text.
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Gleek is a powerful conceptualization suite that allows developers to create diagrams using only their keyboard. With Gleek, users can generate informal, class, sequence, and entity-relationship diagrams without the need to touch a mouse.

The tool offers a text-to-diagram feature that turns descriptions written in its unique syntax into visual representations.Gleek supports various types of diagrams, including flowcharts, entity-relationship diagrams (ERD), UML class diagrams, object diagrams, and sequence diagrams.

Users can choose between Chen or Crow's foot notation when creating ER diagrams. Class diagrams use UML to depict the structure of a system, while object diagrams show real-world instances and their relationships.

Sequence diagrams provide an overview of system interactions and processes over time.The tool is designed to be quick to learn and easy to use, allowing users to start diagramming immediately without a steep learning curve.

It also offers features like version control, live collaboration, diagram export in different formats, design templates, and customization options.Gleek provides resources to enhance users' understanding of diagramming and database design through informative blog posts and how-to guides.

Users can also stay updated with recent developments in software architecture patterns and visual representations. Gleek aims to make diagramming a smooth and efficient process for developers, enabling them to focus on creating meaningful representations of their ideas.

Gleek was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 20th 2023.
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Feb 7, 2024
Rated it
False advertising and broken. Did not do what it claimed. AI chat has footnote that it cannot do multiple types of outputs. It generally felt dumb. Documentation lacking. Costs $7 per month and only available via auto renewing subscription. I got $5 credit from a competing ai I found here and in less than 10 hours I got all kinds of charts and it used $2 of the $5 credit in tokens. Meanwhile I lost more dignitiy, time and dollars to what amounts to a fraudster masrquaqrading as a developer making an AI that cannot do what it claims it can. Who in the end, has a response time of minutes to tell me no refunds can be issued when inquired. Which is fine, I accepted the risk of $7, but this is daylight robbery with a broken app. either fix it, or stop the fraud, or you get reported and reviewed like this. I needed user journey map, or a flow chart, or a sequence diagram, could have been happy with either one, and this app completely failed to do anything useful at all. Even when it did generate anything, it was giant text boxes nad a few arrows, no ability to decipher, summarize, and make it short and sweet in visuals. Needs a lot of work at best.
Oct 21, 2023
Rated it
A very promising alternative to mermaid

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