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ByThomas Landgraf
Create concepts and structure them in a map.
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Create a new Conceptmap.
Create a new Conceptmap about establishing a repair shop for vintage bicycles in Berlin.
Help me with the Plugin.
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Conceptmap is a specialized Generalized Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) built around the organization and retrieval of ideas and concepts. Its primary functionality is providing a platform for users to create, manage, and refine concepts in a structured map.

The emphasis on a map-based framework helps in augmenting clarity, enabling more effective navigation through concepts and ideas. It serves as a digital repository that allows you to conserve and retrieve your thoughts whenever necessary.

Conceptmap can be used broadly across different scenarios or specific ones such as setting up a specialized venture. Works as an add-on application with ChatGPT, it provides prompt starters which assist in constructing a new Conceptmap, thereby smoothing the process of establishing and arranging your thoughts and ideas.

Conceptmap also has a user-friendly interactive feature Help me with Plugin that provides the necessary guidance to users in handling the GPT. Conceptmap is an advantageous tool for those aiming for clarity and organization in their brainstorming or concept development process, regardless of the subject or purpose.


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