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AI-powered platform to skyrocket your revenue and customer acquisition.
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The Solver AI Suite is an AI-based platform designed to support businesses in the optimization of key metrics to enhance company revenue and customer engagement.

The platform focuses on facilitating insightful, data-driven decision-making. Its data-centric solution offers companies the tools to predict future business metrics, providing a better overview for strategic planning and implementation.

An integral feature of the Solver AI Suite is its modularity. It allows companies to only pay for the services they consume, offering fair value and avoiding unused services.

Users can opt for modules that best suit their needs, providing a customizable experience based on the unique requirements of each business. The platform has the flexibility to be used as an isolated tool or can be integrated as a part of a pre-existing system, with predefined integrations with several leading vendors, including SAS, SalesForce, and Microsoft.

In addition, unique integrations with 3rd party solutions are facilitated through the provision of APIs, ensuring seamless integration with everyday solutions, offering a holistic enhancement of business processes.


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Pros and Cons


Optimizes key business metrics
Enhances company revenue
Enhances customer engagement
Data-driven decision-making
Predicts future business metrics
Supports strategic planning
Modular system
Pay-for-what-you-use model
Avoids unused services
Customizable to business needs
Can standalone or integrate
Predefined integrations with SAS, SalesForce, Microsoft
Provides APIs for unique integrations
Holistic business process enhancement
Fair value model
Seamless 3rd party integrations
Business optimization
Revenue management
Customer engagement
Offers module options
Flexible usage
Works with pre-existing systems
Supports strategic implementation
Data-centric solution
Enhances strategic overview
Efficient resource allocation
Global scalability
Intuitive administrative interface
Zero-touch maintenance
Fits any business model
Dynamic business model adaptability
Superior business prediction
Big data and machine learning
Hidden pattern and message detection
360 customer view
Customer understanding functionalities
Easy-to-access audience data
Reports on broadcasts, segments, and audiences
Optimized for retail, banking, telco, insurance
Comprehensive data integrity procedures
Out-of-the-box customer engagement functionalities
Concrete results-oriented
Delivers highest possible success percentages
Control of future revenue


Inflexible for non-business models
May require internal IT
Modularity could complicate processes
Dependent on third-party integrations
Steep learning curve
No described offline functionality
Limited vendor integrations
Potential over-complexity
Not specifically suited for SMEs
Limited industry specificity


What is the primary purpose of the Solver AI Suite?
How does Solver AI Suite support strategic planning and implementation?
What is the modularity feature of the Solver AI Suite?
How does Solver AI Suite ensure that I won't be paying for unused services?
Can I customize my experience with Solver AI Suite based on my business needs?
Can Solver AI Suite be used as an isolated tool?
Is it possible to integrate Solver AI Suite with a pre-existing system?
What are some of the vendors that Solver AI Suite integrates with?
Does Solver AI Suite allow for integrations with 3rd party solutions?
What is the role of APIs in Solver AI Suite's function?
How does Solver AI Suite enhance business processes?
How does Solver AI Suite leverage data for decision-making?
Does Solver AI Suite offer predictive analysis capabilities?
Is Solver AI Suite good for my business's revenue management?
Can Solver AI Suite really help me optimize customer engagement?
How does Solver AI Suite contribute to metrics optimization?
What is the advantage of Solver AI Suite's fair value model?
How flexible is the Solver AI Suite?
Does the Solver AI Suite only support certain industries?
What type of support is available for users of the Solver AI Suite?

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