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A virtual CEO guide for business growth and management.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Ready to grow your business? I'm here to guide you.
Sample prompts:
How do I scale my small business effectively?
Help me get funding and investments to grow.
Who should I hire first?
Create a marketing plan.
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CEO - Business Mentor is a GPT developed with the specific intention of offering direction for business growth and management. This AI tool can be utilized as a virtual advisor on various aspects of the business world, and is especially suitable for individuals looking for guidance in navigating their way through business decisions.

Global in its scope, the GPT can help users on matters related to scaling small businesses, securing funding and investments, hiring tactics, and formulating marketing plans, among other topics.

The prompts provided predispose a well-structured conversation, aiding users in getting started on their queries and concerns. By incorporating this tool, businesses can benefit from practical, instantly accessible suggestions without needing to invest in expensive consultations.

Note that usage of CEO - Business Mentor does require access to ChatGPT Plus. Therefore, businesses considering employing this tool should ensure they have the necessary pre-requisites.

Developed by, CEO - Business Mentor aims to facilitate a more streamlined, knowledge-driven approach to growth and management in the ever-dynamic field of business.


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