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Simplified decisions in diverse settings.
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DecisionMentor is a Multi-Criteria Decision Making application that simplifies complex decisions for individuals in public and private settings. By using AI, the application offers chat-based suggestions for decision problems, making decision-making enjoyable and scientific.

The tool also enables visualization and analysis of an individual's preferences, helping with decision-making and resource prioritization. The application allows for social sharing, so users can learn from decisions published by others like them.

The users of DecisionMentor have recently made various public decisions, including choosing practical skills and experience as a priority, preferring Nepal for studying over going abroad, and focusing on solving problems on Earth rather than prioritizing space colonization.The app is available on both Apple and Google stores and offers a clean selection method and criteria for judgment, as well as useful visualization of results.

DecisionMentor is highly recommended by its users, who have found it easy to use and praised it for its depth, clean design, and endless uses. DecisionMentor is suitable for both private and public decision-making settings and offers early access to new features through a subscription.

The application is powered by Truenary Solutions and is all rights reserved by DecisionMentor.


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Decisionmentor was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Multi-Criteria Decision Making
Chat-based decision suggestion
Decision preference visualization
Decision resource prioritization
Decision social sharing
Clean selection method
Detailed criteria for judgement
Results visualization
Public and private decision-making
Apple and Google store accessible
Positive user reviews
New features early access
Recommendations based on user preferences
Interactive, conversation-style interface
User-friendly design
Broad application scope
Constant updates via subscription
Social learning opportunity
Interlinked with social media platforms
Early issue resolution via FAQs
Truenary Solutions powered
Practical skill prioritization help
Study location decision aid
Problem-solving priority help
Interactive UI
Repository of publicly made decisions
Continuous tool refinement


Subscription needed for new features
Social sharing privacy concerns
Dependent on user-defined criteria
No offline mode
Limited to chat-based suggestions
Possibly overwhelming data visualization
No explicit multi-language support
Lack of integrated tutorial/guidance


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What public decisions have users of DecisionMentor recently resolved?
How can I share my decisions on DecisionMentor?
What do other users think of DecisionMentor?
Is there a subscription available for DecisionMentor?
What platforms is DecisionMentor available on?
Who are the creators of DecisionMentor?
What is the multi-criteria decision making feature of DecisionMentor?
How does DecisionMentor help prioritize resources?
How does DecisionMentor analyze preferences?
Does DecisionMentor offer any extra features for subscribers?
How does visualization work on DecisionMentor?
How does DecisionMentor help with problem-solving decisions?
Is there a community element to DecisionMentor?
What kind of criteria does DecisionMentor consider when making suggestions?

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