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Heuristica is an AI tool that generates custom discoveries based on selected topics. The tool offers various topics ranging from Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Universal Basic Income to controversial social and political topics such as Gun control, Abortion, Climate Change, Immigration, and more.

The tool is designed to provide users with personalized content that caters to their area of interest, allowing them to discover new and relevant information about the topic.Heuristica is created using the next app technology and is the brainchild of Engin Arslan, an individual passionate about aiding people in discovering new things.

The tool provides users with the option to either choose a topic to discover or sign up for custom discoveries, allowing them to receive personalized content based on their preferences.Overall, Heuristica is a user-friendly tool designed to enable individuals to discover new and relevant information about their interests or selected topics.

It leverages AI technology to provide personalized content and it can be accessed on the web from any device with an internet connection. The tool is ideal for individuals looking to broaden their knowledge about the topics available on the platform.

However, it does not provide deeper insights or analysis of the topics.


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Nov 9, 2023
If you enjoy brain/thought mapping, you'll love this!

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Pros and Cons


Generates custom discoveries
Wide range of topics
Personalized content
Choose topic or sign-up
Accessible on the web
Ideal for knowledge broadening
User-friendly design
Developed by passionate individual
Flexible content discovery
No deeper analysis required


Limited topic coverage
No deeper insights/analysis
No offline mode
Individual creator vulnerability
No community-driven topics
Non-interactive content
Lacks content customization
Single source of information
No mobile app
No multi-language support

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