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ByRussell M Tucker
Translates between English and Toki Pona.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I can translate between English and Toki Pona.
Sample prompts:
Translate 'hello' to Toki Pona
What is 'kili' in English?
Convert this sentence to Toki Pona:
How would you say 'love' in Toki Pona?
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Toki Pona Translator is a specialized GPT that operates with the sole purpose of facilitating translations between English and Toki Pona. Being an application built on ChatGPT, it requires ChatGPT Plus for optimal functioning.

Developed by Russell M Tucker, this GPT provides users with not only the ability to input phrases or sentences, but also guides them through the suitable prompts such as 'Translate 'hello' to Toki Pona', 'What is 'kili' in English?', 'Convert this sentence to Toki Pona', or 'How would you say 'love' in Toki Pona'.

Its design leans towards both casual usage by curious individuals and serious application for academia or language studies. The welcome message of this GPT is 'Hello! I can translate between English and Toki Pona', which immediately sets the tone of its focused functionality.

To use this GPT, sign up and login functionalities are required. With an emphasis on precision in translation and a user-friendly interface, this GPT serves as a reliable tool for anyone needing an instant English-Toki Pona translation aid.

However, users should note that translations from any AI tool may not be perfect and may need human review for complete accuracy.


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