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Multilingual translation for businesses and individuals.
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AI Translate is an automated translation API service that offers translation into more than 99 languages. The tool utilizes neural networks to capture subtle nuances and accurately reproduce them in translations.

To ensure the quality of its machine translation models, AI Translate regularly conducts blind tests, where professional translators evaluate and select the most accurate translation without knowing the source of the translation.

According to the blind tests, AI Translate outperforms its competition by a factor of 3:1.The tool is designed to provide fast and accurate translations through its API.

It offers a generous daily allowance of 50,000 characters for free translation services. AI Translate's technology has been integrated into various products and its constantly improving technology has received positive feedback for its excellent translation quality.AI Translate is already being used by over 2,000 companies worldwide, catering to a wide range of translation needs.

It offers a comprehensive language support list, covering a large number of languages including Azerbaijani, Albanian, English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Scandinavian languages, and many more.Overall, AI Translate provides an automated translation solution that offers high quality and accurate translations across a broad range of languages, making it a valuable tool for businesses and individuals looking to overcome language barriers.


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Pros and Cons


Translates over 99 languages
Utilizes neural networks
Captures subtle nuances
Accurate translations
Regularly tested by professionals
Outperforms competition 3:1
Fast translations
Generous daily allowance
50,000 free characters per day
API service
Integrated into various products
Constantly improving technology
Used by over 2,000 companies
Comprehensive language support
Supports rare languages
Easy to integrate
Positive customer feedback
Can serve a multitude of needs
Supports API documentation
Clear plans and pricing structure
Fast sign-up process
Customizable translation engine
Able to translate emojis
Deals with different writing systems
Translation of Scandinavian languages
Customer testimonials available
API for developers
Competitive edge in blind tests
Pending advancements disclosed
Allows global business scaling
Reduces cost for companies
Speeds up solution implementation
Support for complex languages like Latvian, Uzbek
Supports endangered languages like Elvish (Sindarin)
Option to try Pro version
Newsletter updates available
Known brand in translation tools
Recommended for legal domain
Increases order execution speed
User-friendly interface
Reliable translation for urgent projects
Proven record of customer satisfaction
High translation capacity
Adaptable to new solutions
Valuable for individuals
Preferred choice for businesses
Potential for future updates
Resourceful in overcoming language barriers
Access to complete product features
Facilitates reading for global audience


No offline functionality
Limited daily allowance
No desktop app
No integration guides
No language detection
Lack of customization options
Restricted API access
Exclusively web-based
Not beginner friendly
No support for codes


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